Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy 13th


9 Southside redwoods and the eighth (or ninth) New Market FNG arose this morning to greet each other on a true sunny and 70 morning.  The humidity was heavy and the summer gloom on the track seems to increase the temperature as opposed to the colder winter effect.


Mosey to the bus parking area for the COP.  Good to use this area while there are no diesel fumes to compete with.  SSHx25, Hillbillies x20, Arm Circles x15, Peter Parker x10, LBCx20

Mosey to the track for 13s.  In celebration of Cliffhanger’s 13th birthday we did 13s instead of 11s with Imperial Squat Walkers and Box Cutters.  Stations are each corner of the track.

Back to the Parking Lot to grab a rock for a Rock Lap.  Around the bus loop with the rock and  exercises mixed in including lunges, merkins with 1 hand on the rock, shoulder presses, curls, skull crushers, waiter carries and maybe another.

Find some grass for Mary 10 WWII with rock, 20 FK rock held high, APD with rock, WWII with rock press, Dollies – 1 bus loop lap or LBC

Rock ring of fire – Hold Al Gore with the Rock 10 merkins and back to Al Gore

COT, Numberama, Namearama – YHC took us out


Welcome Ocho, another New Market FNG.  Double digits for SOT today, great job men.  Going to have to come strong if that Ghost Flag thing ever comes to fruition.  Lots of questions with that but I am sure Lab Rat will work all of that out before it gets started.

Today is Cliffhanger’s 13th birthday, YHC didn’t try to get him out of bed today since he has been on a summer binge of camps and vacation with minimal sleep, he’ll be out soon enough.  No need to anger the teenage beast but we did 13s to celebrate without him.  Good discussion about whether to allow his friends inside the house at the party tonight, teenage boys carry a similar odor to F3 gloves.  If my gloves aren’t allowed in the house why should they be.  Wilson does not have teenage boys and does not want to smell them near his house anytime soon.

The rocks have been there all this time and have not gotten much use but today seemed like a good day to try it out again.  The slow trip around the bus loop worked out well for those in the #runningsucks crowd.  Fears of being crushed by a rock of your own selection were not realized and the PAX made it through stronger and without any permanent damage.  Clamshell has only posted to a few handfuls of SOT workouts but has gotten to experience the rocks twice, at least we didn’t Indian Run with them this time.  Carmen San Diego was not happy to hear that box cutters were part of the 13s, he has moved into his new abode and is tired of dealing with any kind of boxes.  Need to hit up McRib for the neighborhood clown car now. 

On another note, this is the first BB YHC has posted on the new website and props to Splinter, DK and anyone else that had a hand in it.  Once I memorized my new Chinese password, things have been easy.


  • HDHH today at The Answer – 6pm
  • Reese Strong – See Phonics
  • Golf – August 7, See Upchuck

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  1. First – happy birthday Cliffhanger. I had a feeling a 13-inspired workout was upon us, and the 13s didn’t disappoint. Imperial Squatwalkers add up on you man! And, we all know box-cutters start to suck as the number gets to double-digits.

    Great job keeping us moving with the Rocks Rosie.

    Welcome Ocho (or Nueve?). Great headlocking going on in New Market. I swear Wilson and Honeymoon are just picking up random guys that made the mistake of going out for the newspaper at 0500.

    Great work today guys!

  2. Thanks for leading Rosie! Definitely feeling it today. Welcome Ocho! Great work by all this morning!

  3. The ghost flag is coming, gents! Having all the details mapped out ahead of time is another thing though…

    HELL of an SOT this morning, way to bring the numbers! Welcome to Ocho….love the name.

  4. I got you LabRat. We will write some governing rules of The F3RVA Ghost Flag Competition, starting with a designation of Zones or Regions: SOJ, DaVille, Richmond Proper and West End (you must hold you pinky-finger out while saying “West End”). PAX members should be given an opportunity to designate the Zone or Region that they feel most affiliated with, but if you fail to chose one voluntarily one will be chosen for you by Big Data (i.e., where you post most?). And, despite LabRat likely being the manufacturer of the GF, I am all for a Dogpile or Convergence challenge among the Zones/Regions to see who earns the honor of being the first holder of the GF.

    I see lots of possibilities here – like Zone with the fewest weeks in possession of the GF during a given Quarter receives a punishment or has to host and pay for the next HDHH…. oh, man. We need to set up a steering committee baby!

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to work dude – Happy Birthday Cliffhanger
    See y’all in the gloom..

  6. I think Gumbo has put a little thought into this Ghost Flag concept. I nominate Gumbo as Ghost Flag Steering Committee chairman

  7. Count us West Enders in. Would love to have a competition with some basic events: Fencing, croquet, etc…

  8. Well, no good deed (or suggestion) goes unpunished. Thanks Circle K! But, I’m up for it. Lab Rat and I will hash it out over some brews.

    Well-played HoneyDo, though I’m pretty sure Squash needs to be on the list – I’ll assume that was covered by “etc.”.

  9. I’d prefer a true gentlemen’s 3F challenge- Fencing, Falconry, and Fox Hunting…