Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cosmo Drops a Bombshell


A pax of eight this morning for DaVille were greeted with a (debatably) full moon.  Sunny and 70’ish weather made for perfect conditions to hit the track:

-Parking lot tracers

-COP including SSH, IW, hand release merkins, DQ, arm circles, LBC, maybe something else.

THANG-  track work the hard way:  Pax was given instructions to continue around the track at their own pace.  Every 5 minutes, Q will yell out or sing something, which all pax would then bust out 25 merkins and 25 squats, then continue the journey around track.  Optional stations of dips, derkins, and pullups were also pointed out.  Continue until told to stop (we got 5 rounds in).

Circle run back to flag- Man in front peels off and runs back to six.  Repeato.

Mary- American Hammers, hold 6 inches, and Rosalitas

BOM- Cosmo took us out.


There was a lot of time this morning to pack up and get some mumblechatter in.  Opus was stepping up and giving some much needed criticism to Lab Rat on how unkempt his COP was.  My response was along the lines of “what does it matter, as long as I get you doing the exercise”.  His comeback was that I constantly critique him on the order of things, it would just seem fair to give that critique back.  Fifteen-love, Opus….touche’

There was much discussion of the “ghost flag” this morning as well, especially from our resident #mumblechatter expert Phonics.  Yeah, you read that right!  He surely talks more than Lab Rat, he just does it at a lower, more pleasant volume.  Discussion was heavily slanted towards which zones get to claim which pax members.  There are surely some irons to wrinkle out here, but I think the idea is solid.  DaVillians are also still looking for some written records that Swirly has actually been to DaVille  rumor has it he has, but nobody here remembers…..

So getting around to the elephant in the room, Cosmo told me about half way thru the workout that he has news to share afterwards, so I invited him to take us out.  He held out until announcements, when he took the floor and let us know that he will be leaving us in the next couple weeks and moving out to Oregon.  This is a move that he and his wife have been looking forward to for some time, and he snagged a job at HP recently.  Cosmo, I personally am very happy for you, but bummed that you will be leaving us at the same time.  We wish you all the best of luck.

On that note, we twisted his arm into Q’ing next week at DaVille.  Seems like a great reason to road trip it up here for a little send off, what say you, gentlemen?  Can we get some numbers out here next week?  Lab Rat is a hard commit.

Apology of the week goes to the dude on the track that I tried to EH while running with Phonics and Cosmo.  With all the best intentions, in my out of breath state I’m pretty sure I just yelled at the guy.

Lab Rat apologizes.



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  1. Great Q this morning LabRat! Thanks for the running since I decided to fartsack yesterday and not get in my Monday Runday!

    Cosmo going to miss you dude! Looking forward to your Q next week! I’m also a HC.

  2. Moving to Oregon, to work for a tech company? Cosmo just locked up millenial of the Year. Seriously, sad to hear we will lose you but congrats on the news.

  3. Labrat, I do whatever the Q says so if you really wanted 10 big arm circles and 5 little ones, I would have done it.
    On another note, today was the first day feeling comfortabe running in about 8 weeks due to low back pain and sciatica. Chiropractics worked for me.

  4. Thanks fellas! It has been great working out with you and I look forward to the Q next week.

  5. Nice work men!

    Sounds like we need to start Zone Rosters. Declare your allegiances! Can’t wait to see whether Swirly and Hardywood and others in the Forest Hill Park/Batteau area are SOJ’ers or Richmonders. In any event, the Richmonders and West Enders are flanked by SOJers and DaVillians — cross-fire sucks boys!

    Cosmo – super excited for you bro. That is big news. Congrats. Sucks we have to lose another F3RVA stud but as you and Toga and others move and spread the F3RVA spirit, this cool thing that we all share will continue to grow!

    Gumbo would be a HC for DaVille next week, but unfortunately I’ll be boiling in Louisiana. I’ll catch you before you leave I’m sure.

  6. Impressive cadence count today Lab Rat. It’s not easy to have a conversation while counting. You were able to make a comment and then return to the count without mistake.

    Congratulations Cosmo. Looking forward to your Q next week at DaVille.