Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Be SUPER today!


Five New Market warriors showed up to a sunny & 70 gloom in a clown car and a Toyota Pick up…………….wait is that Carmen’s truck……….no, it’s been well past two minutes into the COP. Plus we thought his truck was green. Oh well. Its a new market workout………….maybe we should have stayed in the neighborhood! ANOTHER car is rolling in, blue Toyota. Nope, likely a summer school teacher. 🙁 Onward the 5 went. Then BOOM Off Shore appears over the hill in the dew & mist of the gloom with the shoes lighting the way (think of a dramatic movie entrance). Yeah we are at SIX. YHC is all good (yes – still have that issue). Then moments later Carmen appeared. Wait, what was he doing in the truck he obviously bought (cause his other one is green)? We might never know. Back at odd numbers (7).

YHC was looking at the Q sheet last night as we were EH’ing Doogie and noticed no Q was assigned. I snatched it up. The celebration was strong, fireworks masterfully crafted by Tatu, Marmaduke & Honeymoon and the “col beer” was flowing. Upon arriving home YHC realized I had signed up and did not even think of a workout. I had an FNG coming. It had to be good! So, I decided to repeat the Charlotte Q. It smoked them so, I thought the New Market crew would crush it!

They absolutely did. We even ALMOST got Merlot from the FNG. I am so proud to have led this outstanding group of men today! I was working on a meeting agenda this am, saw the attached video and Hardywood just kept saying in my head BE SUPER! Had to share the video!

Here is what we did in an order something like this!

COP – SSH, Don Quiote, Crabcake, Merkin, Imperial Walker

Triple check – Donkey Kicks, Monkey Humpers & Run around bus loop

Hate Hill AND Love Hill – Broad Jump Burpees, Lunges & Polar Bears

We had a few moments of Mary and a Ring of Fire!


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  1. Great work this morning Wilson! Welcome Doogie, always good to add to the New Market crew!

  2. Well done boys. Just couldn’t resist the embrace of the fart-sack this morning.

    Welcome Doogie – look forward to meeting you in the Gloom soon.