Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thunder at the Creek


After many requests YHC stepped up for his VQ. Nineteen F3 brothers headed to The Creek for a Friday morning challenge.

Here’s what went down:

Started off with a mosey around the church to find a spot in the parking lot for COP:

  • SSH x 25
  • Arm Circles forward 10 small/5 big, revere 10 small/5 big
  • Don Quixites x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • LBCs x 30
  • Flutter Kicks x 20

PAX started off with 10 burpees followed by a run to other corner of church. Perform 25 WWII sit-ups and run back to original starting point. Plank up until six finishes his lap. Repeat x3 laps.

Short mosey to corner of parking lot to begin parking lot suicides.

  • Run 1/3 of ways across parking lot – 5 merkins, run back to starting line
  • Run 2/3 of ways across parking lot – 10 merkins, run back to starting line
  • Run to end of parking lot – 15 merkins, run back to starting line

Repeat parking lot suicides with Jump Squats.

Mosey over to picnic pavilion for 16’s

  • Start with 15 box (picnic bench) jumps, 1 dip. Continue counting down box jumps and up the dips. With the PAX shows signs of slowing down slightly YHC called an audible and stopped after approx. 4min.

Ab workout in field

  • American Hammer x 20
  • Heal to Heaven x20
  • Freddie Mercury’s x10

Mosey to flag to final 5min – “Thunderstruck” in honor of YHC 2.0 Slash. Pulled out speaker and played AC/DC Thunderstruck. PAX was in plank position for entire song and performed a Merkin every time the work Thunder was sung (approx. 33 total in the 4 min 53 sec song).

Finished up Numerama and Name-o-rama. YHC took everyone out with prayer.

Great workout by the PAX. I believe we set a record for the Mechanicsville AOs with six 2.0s in attendance this morning. It was a privilege to VQ to a bunch of great guys today.




  • Thursday evening 7/6 – Ultimate Frisbee at Atlee High School followed up with a trip to COTU for some frosty beverages. Bring Ms and 2.0s.
  • Reese Strong 5K – September 16, 2017. Signs ups will open soon. Join the F3 team.
  • No Daville AO on July 4th. Convergence at 6am at Dogpile.
  • Cheech T-shirts being ordered by Spit to remember our lost brother form Lexington SC. Order will be placed tonight by Spit. Let him know if you want to order.

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  1. Some reason this post didn’t carrier over from the old site. I’m re posted it to make sure our DaVille boys get credit on Big Data!

    Great job again Spike. Hope to experience another Q of yours soon!