Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

River Run Roller Coaster


A fearless 8 broke the warm embrace of the fartsack on this holiday eve to tackle the HUMID 70 and Sunny roads of Midlothian RVA this morning, and we got straight to work and the sweat was rolling.  Mileage varied from 4 to 4.8.  See the route below.

Thanks to Spit, Offshore and Trophy for coming out to check out RiverRun.  Great job everyone – way to crush the hills today.


  • Convergence at Dogpile tomorrow 0600
  • First Thursday at DaVille this Thursday – Ultimate Frisbee and then beers at COTU – 2.0s ad Ms welcome
  • Next Saturday at Dogpile — Farewell to Toga
  • HDHH Farewell coming up soon also — See Lockjaw
  • HR Derby at Robious Elementary (Huguenot Little League fields) Tuesday July 11

See you in the gloom

No more Gumbo for you!

Route — http://onthegomap.com/?m=r&u=mi&w%5B%5D=Walking+directions+are+in+beta.++++Use+caution+%E2%80%93+This+route+may+be+missing+sidewalks+or+pedestrian+paths.&c%5B%5D=Map+data+%C2%A92017+Google&d=7826&context=share&r2=oubb7lg_vEAA0404h1W2NU00FNLNLLPJVPVVDHDJHVFX1DV9VFt17X17R00C5e1JY1JKBSHULY1RUNURONMJUX1W1d1W1f1Sd1m1b2e1x1ITGRIX1Qn1Qr1W1z1Ur1a2x3b2Z2HHh2X2Z1Z1p1l1X6p5v1v1FFPTNZ1BLNt1Lv1Fl1FZ10098NEPAf16~2ELAt1SN8H2F0J1J7J7JHFFBFBL9L7T3V1z12r30t31R1b15l17X19d1Db1Fb1JZ157DDF9H5F3H2H4HCBEFIDKDQNW1DGBAFAH8J4J6J8HCHKFKBI9I00b1Vf1b1p5Z5v5f5l3j3x3j3t1l1Vj1Pr19b17b11X16~28h16Z1Af1Op1MZ1w2z4GPKJu1l1g2X2SLI9SFk6x1q1Aa1Ae1Ii1Mk1Y1w1Y3v1X3j1X1h1Ld1HZ19p19j6y1RGHARMf2Y2t1m1JKFQv2_4La1Nq19g15a17i15W32Y18c1Ac1Qs1W1k1u1m1y3k3m3k3w5g5q5a5g1c1c1W100AHCHGJIJIBK7K5K3I7G9C9EFOVEPEJGHCDIBI3I1G4I6GAEE68Ka1Gc1Ec1Ae18Y16m12c12S0u31s32_14W18UAMCMCGGGKIK8K8K2G0I1O7u1RM9W3Dg15Q9ODA700Ga1Gm1Mw1Ou1CMOa1QUGGw1w1Y6q5q1m1a1a1i2Y2IIc2a2IE00b2w3p1s2Ni1Jc1HW1Lk1FULi1Ni1Pi1Rg1LW10088u2s2s3m3s1q1SMW1IOCm3u1EEAG8I6E024K3q17o27w1Nk7Vg9Fq400t3p1d1Fb1LZ1NX1RVTTX1NVn2~3Tl1r1r2Td1HP00OTi1~1030399


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  1. Great route this morning Gumbo! I enjoyed the hills, that’s they way to get my running training started! Thanks to the SOJ PAX for the warm welcome!

  2. Ummm yeah, just the memory of Aisle 5 flying down that hill got me through that run. Some slow times for me today, but overall and enjoyable time on the road today. Nice work gents!

  3. Men, great work today on 2 monster hills!! Spit, total respect traveling from Da’Ville!! Hope to see everyone at Dogpile on 7/4!! Loud and Proud!! P.S I love the USA!!!