Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rug Burn


Two dozen of Richmond’s finest greeted a sunny-and-70 first day of July at the Dell. Here is what happened.


Mosey to circle next to the Carillon.



(All exercises IC)

SSH x 20

Forward arm circles x 15, Helicopter x 15, reverse arm circles x 15

Werkins x 15

Flutter kicks x 20

Crab cakes x 20

Polar bear to center and bear polar to perimeter


Rusty Cage

In three groups, two rounds of one-legged burpees x 10; 10 pull-ups or chin-ups; 20 dips

Plank for the six



Box jumps x 3 each step ascending; dips x 3 each step descending

Plank for the six

Ascend the amphitheater with one exercise (20 reps) at every sixth step: monkey humpers, incline Merkins, heel raises. Repeat descending. Three cycles.

Invisible jumprope for the six.

Mosey up the amphitheater, picking up trash on the way. Al Gore at the top.


Field in Front of Carillon

Partner up. Wheelbarrow 20 steps followed by dragging partner 20 steps; switch partners and repeat to the other end of the field.

Run back with intermittent polar bears as called out by Q.



Run up steps to back of Carillon, burpees x 10, then descend. Repeat.


Back to Flag

Circle up. Al Gore. Shuffle counterclockwise/clockwise multiple times.

Flutter kicks x 20 IC

American hammers x 20 IC

10 burpees OYO



Wilson took us out.



Another hot and humid summer Saturday, but you all always make this worthwhile. YHC witnessed a solid effort by all. Mr. Roper can knock out some chin-ups. Patty Mayo excelled at just about everything. He especially stood out in the amphitheater. Impressive. Gumbo was the model for being dragged. Not sure how he managed a perfect 45-degree angle from the ground, but YHC suspects his ultimate form was inspired by his partner’s repeated velcro comments. Bleeder crushed the polar bears. If he is signed up for the monthly challenge, the gauntlet has been thrown.


This was right around YHC’s one-year anniversary with F3. It was a bit intimidating to try Dogpile for the first time. Appreciate everyone bearing with YHC. Apologies for any ripped shirts or back rug burns from the partner drag. YHC now cannot complain about bruised spine from WWW II sit-ups on the Nickel Bridge. Seriously, YHC is truly grateful to be a part of this amazing brotherhood.



  • Next No Toll workout will be at Huguenot Little League.
  • New F3 RVA website is live (F3RVA.org).
  • ReeseStrong 5K will be September 16th (www.ReeseStrong.org). Phonics has all of the details. Clown cars leave from Dogpile that morning. There will be an opportunity to do the 5K the hard way.
  • Charity golf tournament in Stafford will be August 7th. See Upchuck for details.
  • Note that Toga’s Dogpile swan song will be next Saturday.
  • Next Thursday Daville will host the inaugural “First Thursday” with ultimate frisbee followed by second F at COTU. See pre-blast.
  • July 4th convergence will be 0600 at Dog Pile.




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  1. Awesome beatdown this morning Helix!! You brought the pain from beginning to end. I’m sure Swirly was proud to see no 10 count in between exercises!

    So happy you finally got to Q at Dogpile. Happy Anniversary as well.

    Great to see Patti Mayo one more time. Have a safe trip back to Hickory!

    ET’s great as always. Have a great weekend fellas!

  2. Thanks, Spit. It was fun to, almost literally, leave it all on the field. I agree, it it was great to see Patti Mayo and Obama back in RVA.

  3. Sorry I missed it! Sounds like a killer workout! Trying to rest and rehab my back before Tuesday’s craziness.

  4. Solid Q Helix! Loved the dragging! I’m spent. On to yard work! Hopefully see ya on the trails!

  5. Awesome Q Helix. I knew it would be brutal with you leading and you didn’t disappoint. Props to Flipdog for dragging this wookie through the endless field. That exercise will return at NoToll after a fresh rain…I guarantee!!

    Great to see some visitors. Always great to catch up with Obama.

    Have a great weekend men.

  6. My pleasure Gumbo… you crushed it!! I will partner with you any day Chewy…Helix is receiving my nomination as the silent assassin 2.0… that was a serious beatdown brother well done