Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

In lieu of Counting Sheep


Johnsonville’s pre-blast instructions re construction in process at CM helped guide some of the PAX to the correct alter AO this morning near the gridiron at Godwin HS. For Chum and Krue, their savvy served them well. It was a beautiful morning for the following:

SSHs, arm circles, and slow low squats

The 300:

X25 APDs, X25 KB Right Snatches, X25 Merkins, X25 KB Left Snatches, X25 APDs, X25 KB American Swings, X25 Merkins, X25 KB American Swings, X25 APDs, X25 KB Right Presses, X25 Merkins, and X25 KB Left Presses

The 200:

X25 APDs, X25 KB Pullovers, X25 APDs, X25 KB Tricep Presses, X25 APDs
X25 KB Pullovers, X25 APDs, and X25 KB Tricep Presses

The 100:

X25 KB High Pulls, X25 KB Squats, X25 KB High Pulls, and X25 KB Squats

Hoops’ pick: X10 KB Merkins each side
Cletus’ pick: X15 KB Bent Over Rows each side
Krue’s pick: X5 KB Bottom Half TGUs each side
White Deer’s pick: Boat/Canoe
Chum’s pick: X15 KB Figure 8s/RTWs

Mosey KB Carries – right hand suitcase, right hand waiter, left hand suitcase, and left hand waiter

KB tracers – racked kaorokes and fwd/rvs triceps extensions

COT: Numberama and Namearama; Announcements re D’Ville Frisbee/COTU gathering and Toga sendoff; prayers for Cheech’s family, J’ville’s friend and his family, WD’s father, travel mercies, and unspoken.

Moleskin: Cletus and Hoops ganged up on WD the moment the three left the car this morning – Attila would have been pleased had he posted. J’ville’s text informing of sleep malfunction sufficed as YHC’s wake up alert. Touting the proven health benefits of somnambulism was not effective to prompt a J’Ville posting. There being no willing VQ candidates, YHC took the Q on the fly and kept it fast and simple. Chum and Krue – with their heavier KBs – impressed by hitting the called reps.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1 (NIV)


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  1. great workout! the only exercise I was able to do full reps on were the APDs despite never having been to Alabama or a Prom. Go figure, and now that my KB is no longer shiny and unblemished I feel worthy to stand amongst you lot. ha!

  2. Oh yes, Krü, the Bear Crawl KB push finisher – I unintentionally omitted that from the BB. You’re a valued member of the scratch and dent crowd; we’re grateful for your strong efforts!