Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Singer’s Stroll


Eleven RVA and one lost Davillian pax joined up at UR for a beautiful stroll across the bridge.

The thang:

4 milers – out UR Drive and across bridge. Run to west intersection of Southampton and Riverside, return ( or just cloverleaf the off ramp as Bleeder mentioned).

5 milers – out UR Drive and across bridge, take off ramp and turn left to intersection, turn left up Southampton to Cherokee, return to UR.

6 milers – out UR Drive and across bridge, head west on Riverside Dr to Hickory and up to Cherokee, turn around at Cherokee, back to intersection of Southampton, go straight up Southampton to Cherokee, return to UR.

YHC’s first non-bootcamp style Q for VQ week. Without TYA checking on the six, YHC tends to get lost in the maze of the UR back roads. So the plan was to go where YHC drives every morning, and not get lost, hence the Singer Stroll. Southampton is a nice .4-.5 mile uphill run to Cherokee. The six milers went rogue a bit from the desired path but running is still running when you are….running.

Good to see Saab getting his legs back under him. Swirly and son picked it up a level on the return.

Need a ‘V’Q for Saturday Dogpile. Tobit’s VQ tomorrow at WDog.



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  1. Thanks for the Q, Wedding Singer, and thanks for the encouragement along the way. That was my first time at Spider Run, and first ever running across the Hugenot Bridge. Loved it. Couldn’t believe how calm the river was this morning. I’m thankful for you guys, and looking forward to coming back to Spider Run.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning for a run – good call on the route Singer!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Nice route and great morning for a run.

    I do take offense to the “lost DaVillian” remark…because of the “lost” part. This was the first time I found the start on time! (Lab Rat does take note of the driving 20 minutes past DaVille to get to Spider Run, however).

  4. Appreciated Marv leading the way for me…including that nasty hill before the turnaround.

    Happy to be back in the saddle. Oh what a beautiful morning (sing it…).

  5. Additionally, I found it humorous and commendable that Singer chose to stick to his guns and re-purpose last week’s route. When you like something, stick with it…that’s what I always say. (Well, sometimes…)