Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

NTVQ – Frog is Crunched!


13 Soldiers defeated the fartsack on an amazing cool morning at No Toll to see if YHC could make it through his first Q.

How it went down:

Mosey to the back parking lot

SSH x 15

Don Quixote x 10

LBCs x 25 OYO

Merkins x 10

Mosey to back field

Twenty Ones – One Side of field Merkins other Side Crunchy Frogs

Plank up

Mosey to Front Field

Partner Up – First partner runs length of field and back while Second partner lunges, continue switching until length of field is complete

Al Gore until all PAX finish

One round of four corners:

First Corner – 5 Burpees

Second Corner – 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Third Corner – 20 Mountain Climbers

Fourth Corner – 30 Monkey Humpers

Mosey back to flag for some Mary – passed the Q to Wilson for Mary he learned in Charlotte

Homer to Marge – on your six – hold legs up 6in moving them to heels to heaven, on Qs count slowly lower back to 6in

Cross leg LBC – cross leg, take opposite elbow to leg that is crossed x 10 – switch and repeat

Wilson threw Q back to Marmaduke for a quick Ring of Fire

COT – Numberama, Namerama, Announcements and DK took us out!


As the PAX began to assemble YHC was eagerly waiting 5:30 so he could get his first Q on the road. With 3 mins to spare McRib rolls in as Honeymoon points out that YHC must be ready to bring the pain if McRib is early. YHC was more concerned about messing up the counting on the COP before any pain could occur. With the not so good counting complete Flashdance graced us with his presence to start the 21 exercise with the perfectly timed question of “What is a Crunchy Frog?” Once example was given the mumble chatter began to die down rather quickly. Well except for Flashdance who was looking for a pass on being late with Wilson due to hot coffee being spilled en route to AO, no pass given.   Of course Rosie and Honeymoon did Rosie and Honeymoon things and as they finished ahead of the PAX, moseyed over to the other field to EH Lochte (FNG) who joined us for rest of the morning. The pack keeps growing! McRib helped plank everyone up while YHC finished his 21, much appreciated!

Much more mumble chatter as we slowed into the lunges, DK commenting on Honeymoon’s BB, or lack there of. Does Wilson have a partner in this exercise, does he not and so forth. Enjoyed hearing the comments during 21 and Mr. Roper keeping me in line with what number we were on. I’m sure I missed some; please add anything I may have missed!

Shout out to all the PAX who came out and put in work this morning, everyone killed it!

It was an honor and privilege to lead my first Q with this awesome group of guys who were very supportive, much appreciation to each one of you.

Ill leave you gents with something my father told me everyday growing up:

“Noah didn’t wait for his ship to come in, he went out and built one!”

Have a Great Day!



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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Solid VQ, Marmaduke! That set of 21s crushed me.
    Welcome, Lochte, and see you Friday morning!

  2. Love the quote from your dad, Marmaduke. You brought the pain in your VQ! I definitely didn’t finish my game of Blackjack. 🙁

    Welcome to Lochte! Hope to see you out again soon. (JEAH!!!!)

  3. Great VQ Marmaduke. Well done on the counting too, that might be the toughest part of the VQ. Welcome Lochte, glad you agreed to join us.

    Another announcement, July 11, NoToll will be temporarily relocated to the baseball fields behind Robious Elementary for Gumbo’s Q.

  4. Viral, see Gomer Pyle’s pre-blast. He’ll be in the OBX the next couple weeks and was looking for interested PAX.

  5. Well done Marmaduke. I’m still on my way home from my guest Q in DaVille, so sorry I missed your VQ. Looks like it was a smoker. Nice work.

    Assuming I make it home in time, see you boys at SOT tomorrow.

    Thanks for the shout out about the July 11 HR Derby Rosie.

    Welcome Lochte – way to take the pill and jump in. I look forward to meeting you.

  6. Way to go brother that was solid for your V-Q. I am worry to see what’s next..

    It was great to see everyone and yes the fart sack was calling my name!!

  7. Solid work Marmaduke! That was probably the toughest black jack I can recall doing. Crunch frogs are meant for small doses. Great job and thanks for leading.

    Welcome to Lochte. I hope you join us again soon.

    Til next time.


  8. Well done bro! I am way past my need for a nap! I expect your future Q’s to be even harder!

  9. Great work on the VQ, Marmaduke! Welcome to the rotation.

    Sidebar: I called Crunchy Frogs this morning during a beast and got the same reaction. Good times.

  10. Credit to Honeymoon too. We may have just dragged Lochte over to the group if he declined. No reason to be running across those fields alone.