Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twin Team’s Version of a 40


6 soldiers assembled in the pouring rain for a SOJ beatdown that went something like this


COP: SSHs, DQs, mosey to shelter for a false sense of security, LBCs, BoxCutters (fast & slow), Merkins

Mosey across Robious to Twin Team cul-de-sac for quick COP: SSHs

Twin Team 40: 40 strides up Twin Team, stop, walk back to 6, perform exercise medley. Repeat until entire PAX ascends hill.

  • Strides were mostly running but also included lunges and bear crawls
  • Exercise Medley was mostly 5 Burpees, 10 WWIIs or Hello Dollies, 15 Merkins or Carolina Drydocks

Time check at top was after 6am.

Begin Descending.

  • Strides alternated between Bear Crawls and Lunges (forwards or backwards)
  • Exercise Medley alternated between 25 Hello Dollies or 25 LBCs

Audible called 1/3 of the way down

Mosey to Twin Team cul-de-sac for quick COP: SSHs

Mosey back to Beattie Weaver. Plank then COP: Capital Letters oyo, American Hammers ic, 20 WWIIs oyo

COT: McRibb took us out

YHC had plans to incorporate some music this morning, but the rain foiled that plan.

Instead, YHC thought it was time to introduce our New Market brothers to the entirety of Twin Team’s namesake.
THAT took longer than expected. Yowzer.

The PAX impressed YHC with the effort put forth to ascend that endless hill. More importantly, the PAX impressed some lovely ladies walking by while bear crawling back down Twin Team. Respect. Gumbo falsely identified one of the walkers, and suggested “We should get Andy out sometime”. The lovely lady was confused and confessed she didn’t know “Andy”. YHC was confused. Rosie was confused. Marmaduke, Tatu & McRibb were confused. It was awkward, like an Anti- or Bizarro-Hi-Roger situation.


VQ Week next week – get out there and support our VQs, including Wilson @ NoToll (?)

July 11 – NoToll will not be held at Huguenot Park, and will instead by held at Robious Middle School at the Huguenot Little League fields for Gumbo’s 2nd Annual All Star Tribute

SOJ will be taking over all workouts for a week in August. Boom!


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  1. Time for a new namesake for this workout. Damn that hill is a killer.

    I blame the mid-identification on hallucinations caused by oxygen deprivation after reaching the summit of TT. Man, it was awkward though. YIKES.

    Great work gentlemen. See you in the gloom.

  2. The whole Twin team is brutal. I picked up No Toll as it was empty. Better to give it up than have it empty. I’ll give it up as necessary.

  3. Great work DK! I agree with Gumbo, that’s a helluva hill. Enjoyed being out in the rain this morning with group!

  4. Nice Q DK! I always enjoy (er hate) running up tt hill. That was a lot of fun in the rain though and always fun with the solid soj crew.

    Great job to all the Pax today!