Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One Short


13 foot-soldiers (no horseman today) reported for duty in sunny and 70 degree rain showers to splash a rectangular tribute to a fallen F3 brother.  Here’s how it went down:

All runners headed north on Westmoreland.

4 Milers took a right on Grace to Malvern
5 Milers took a right on Jacques, another right onto Dabney and then to Malvern
6 Milers took a left on Dabney, pushed forward two blocks and backtracked south on Dabney to Malvern

All groups headed south on Malvern to Cambridge, curved on Cambridge to Berkshire, and then home on Commonwealth to MM (except the Q, who took a wrong turn, caught up with TYA, and joined the handful of PAX to get lost in their own Q).


We lost a brother this week, F3 name Cheech.  In place of the normal mumble chatter, Q encourages all PAX to take a minute to pray for his family, friends, and colleagues.  Part 2 of Q’s suggestion is to put down the phone, i-device, remote control, or keyboard…go hug your wife, kids, girlfriend, parents, dog (I hate cats), or whoever, and let them know you appreciate them in your life.  Thank them for making you better.  Q out.


Last week of C’ville.  Be ready 5:45 a.m. Saturday for the clown car.  Contact Lab Rat or Honey Do.
BRR…T minus 76 days and counting…starting training now.
Speaking of which…Wednesday hill runs.  Go.  Run.  Grow.
VQ Week…sign up now.  This requires: 1) being able to count aloud to three, and 2) being willing to put yourself out there…piece of cake, get your first time behind you, and all the rest are easy.  You can do it.
Golf Tournament: August 7.  Augustine Golf Club, Stafford.  Clown car.  Fundraiser for Guadalupe Free Clinic.  Sign up with UpChuck (timnee@gmail.com)
Two Can reminds everyone…”Don’t deny the facts.”  The man can swipe right with the best of them.


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Thanks Upchuck for redirecting Swirly and I when you 3 got to the turn and we had run 200 yards past it.
    Truly great COT takeout yesterday!