Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Record Day for Kettle Bells


11 Brave Souls gathered on a cloudy first day of summer for a Kettle Bell workout.

Started off with a mosey to the front of the school to warmup.

Warmup:  20 SSH, 20 Merkins, 20 WWII Situps with your bell and arm circles – 10 forward large then 5 small and reverse.

The Workout:

Partner Up – one swings kettle bell (switching arms when they want) while the other runs a lap around the bus loop.  Each partner did this 5 times.

4 Corners of the Bus Loop, lunging between in a group.  1st Corner – 20 Goblet Squats (4 count), 2nd corner – Approximately 20 Boat – Canoe’s (until QIC was worn out).  3rd Corner – Turkish Get Ups – 5 each side.  4th Corner – 20 Cleans – each side.

Lay on ground on your back with head over curb (I’m not sure what this is called).  40 reps of lifting kettle bell from ground above your head to your chest.

Kettle Bell Lunge Press – 20 each side

Sit in Circle with backs to each other.  Pass kettle bells to your left – twice around the circle.  We kept passing until everyone got their bell back which took a while.

Mosey to the flag for ring of fire with 5 merkins each.  Spit cranked them out one handed – very impressive.

Numberama, Namerama, Anouncements.

VQ is coming up next week.  After some encouragement, we believe all spots are full.  Reese Strong 5K is coming up in September.  Phonics is heavily involved with this and we plan to field a large group again.

QIC took us out with a prayer.

This was the largest group we’ve had for a Kettle Bell workout and is hopefully a sign of things to come.  The smallest member posted today with the largest Kettle Bell and didn’t miss a beat.  Some comments were made regarding compensating for other deficiencies but Helix knocked it out of the park.  Nice job gentlemen and it was my privilege to lead you today.


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  1. Great workout out this morning Yard Sale!! You are starting to get the hang of this Qing thing.

    Glad to have Loogie FINALLY BACK!! After EHing for almost a year now, glad you decided to join us again.

    Great job fellas this morning. Nice to set a new record at MANNDate. Keep EHing! There are way to many Sad Clowns out there.

  2. Terrific Q Yard Sale! so many lunges, still feel it. Great to see Loogie back! pins in his shoulders and all! MudFace too. Blue Cheese and Chief, we 50+ year olds are showing the youth how it’s done. Honored to be part of the world record attendance of MANNDate today.