Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Love No Hill No Toll


There is a road…no simple highway…between the dawn and the dark of night.

A spry 7 weathered the previous nights storm and did not succumb to the fart sack to take on a bear crawling adventure at No Toll.  Noticeably absent was the New Market boys who must be on an early summer vacation (w. the exception of Wilson, who has now taken his F3 show to NC).

Here is what went down.

COP & Disclaimer

  • SSH IC x 3
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 6
  • Don Quixote IC x 5
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • LBCs IC x 20
  • 20 Burpees OYO

Mosey to first gate

No Love No Hill No Toll

  • Rabbit Exercise run from gate 1 to gate 2 and back
  • Chasing Exercise (partners switch upon each revolution)
    • Polar Bears
    • Lunges
    • Broad Jump Burpees
  • Rotate until both partners reach gate

Mosey to grass and then Bear Crawl from grass to Pavilion

Mini Jackpot Reprise 

  • Exercise 1 – run lap around field
  • Exercise 2 (partners complete as other partner is running lap)
    • 100 Dips
    • 150 Squats
    • 200 Merkins

Mosey to parking lot

Native American Pole Smokers

  • PAX holds six inches while each member completes 5 pole smokers (2 revolutions)

Mosey to bball courts

Partner Suicides

  • Round 1 – Bear Crawl Suicide while partner performs AMRAP American Hammers (rotate)
  • Round 2 – Backwards Run Suicide while partner performs Monkey Humpers (rotate)
  • Round 3 – Sideways Suicide while partner performs Freddy Mercuries


Merkin Ring of Fire

Numberama, Name O rama


  • VQ Week planned for 6/26.  See sign up sheet.  Hot Potato Qs will be planned for AOs with no VQ.
  • HDHH for July will be at the Answer BrewPub and will be a send off for Toga.  See Pre-Blast from Lockjaw
  • Something will be coming from SOJ later this summer.

YHC took us out.


Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right. 

365 days ago YHC was indoctrinated into this crazy thing called F3.  After a lot of persuasion from the likes of Earthworm, Saab, LockJaw, Fudd and finally Gumbo, YHC decided to come check out what this was all about.  Since then, my life has been altered for the better.  A year later, YHC has a whole new host of friends and a new happy hour at 0530 and 0600 multiple days each week. YHC is thankful and humbled by the opportunity to lead here and there, but mostly by the camaraderie that is experienced each morning and the hope that is instilled by connecting with such great men.

YHC’s anniversary Q was filled with a few favorites that have been picked up along the way.

The post COP started off with a No Toll version of Love Hill.  The lack of a hill at No Toll offers a slight reprieve on the running for this exercise, however, the concept is still fun and works well from gate to gate at No Toll.  Each partner duo crushed this exercise effectively.

Moseying to the pavilion appeared too easy, so an extended bear crawl was in order.  This also initiated a bc drag race between Jville and Mr Roper.  YHC couldn’t tell who won as they flew by too quickly.

In honor of Flashdance’s late arrival, YHC decided to pull out a jackpot mini reprise with a fixed set of exercises.  This routine is a lot of fun and allows for an easy fill in for future Qs.  It also provides a nice platform to push yourself and throttle your energy towards the goal.

There was a lot of push back for the bear crawl suicides and american hammer circuit at the bball courts.  YHC received a lot of questions on the feasibility of performing this combination of exercises.  From Rosie…”You know that’s a lot of American Hammers, do you think that’s a good idea?”….From Shakedown and Mr Roper….”When you say suicide…is that each line and back?”.  YHCs response…”We can do it…let’s go”.  1/2 way through…AUDIBLE…There is something strange that happens in the process of attempting to complete a bear crawl suicide…You go from a high degree of hope at the beginning…to your muscles screaming at you to stop half way through and crawl back on your hands and knees…thus, it was determined to take a short cut on that last piece of the suicide.  With that said, YHC is glad we pushed through most of it together…for as much as it sucked…it was uh..fun:) (maybe not).  On a side note…the monkey humpers and backwards suicides may have been worse.

During this set YHC also started to chatter with Shakedown about the recent release of “A Long Strange Trip” which is a multi-part documentary on the Grateful Dead available on Amazon Prime.  YHC just started watching it (through episode 2) and it is a really good watch if you are a fan of the band or even a casual observer of the music.  The musical quotes above seemed fitting after that conversation and also fitting to YHCs experience with F3 as they are from GD songs.

Sometimes the greatest things in life are disguised as too hard, too early in the morning, too strange or just too gloomy.  When YHC initially got the EH to consider coming out to an F3 workout, all of those thoughts and excuses came to mind.  A year later, I see the light.

As always, YHC is humbled by the opportunity to lead and to be with you all this AM.  Thank you all for allowing for the opportunity and for indulging in my usual bear crawling shenanigans.

Til Next Time



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  1. Great job today men!

    New Market crew and other SOJ regulars were missed today with small crew and hope to see you guys back out soon.

    Til next time.


  2. Excellent Q McRib and congrats on the year anniversary. It’s great to have you out in the gloom brother. Sorry I missed it. I’m still sweating from my early morning run in Dallas- it is a different heat down here man. See you boys back in the gloom soon.

  3. Happy Anniversary McRib, glad Gumbo gave you that final push you needed to find the gloom. Loved the abbreviated exercises in the COP, that’s all the warmup you get sometimes anyway.
    The BC suicides are great fun, always a good idea.

  4. Döner Kebab on

    Great morning at NoToll, Kevin Bacon. A solid showing by a smaller PAX than normal. Sorry you missed the coffees afterwards, where I learned that Shakedown is as disciplined as they come.

  5. Sorry to miss your Anniversary Q… love my Bear Crawl brother… Great BB… felt every word…

  6. Well done gang! My Haight-Ashbury vibing you was strong while I was fartsacking in San Francisco. See you next week! 😀