Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot and Heavy in DaVille


15 stout, including one FNG, gathered in the Daville humidity to sweat it out. We planted a virtual flag, and Hat Trick took charge.
All exercises IC X 15:
Don Quixotes
Flutter kicks

Mosey to dirt track for Four Corners. Exercises were burpees X 10, pull-ups X 15, WW II sit-ups X 20, Merkins X 25. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to playground for triple-check. First man holds plank with feet in a swing. Second man hangs from monkey bars. Third man runs to the next playground, does five burpees, and runs back. Hat Trick modified triple-check to two rounds in light of the time.

Mosey to parking lot for five minutes of Merkins and/or squats OYO.

Back to the flag for hot potato MOM. Exercises were American hammers (Helix), Freddy Mercurys (Cosmo), and heels-to-heaven (Spike).

Numberama, Nameorama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


* ReeseStrong 5K September 16th. Online registration should be open next week.
* VQ week is next week.


Hat Trick will be on a mission trip next week, so he stepped up to take on his VQ today. We trotted in to a full parking lot. Questions were asked about who was QIC. Several of us turned a bit pale – even those of us in the know – when a 5-minute miler said, “Let’s mosey”. Hat Trick knocked off a flawless COP, although this may have been the first time Don Quixotes made YHC short of breath. On the way to the track No Idea confided he tweaked his ankle, but that didn’t hold him back from gutting out Four Corners. Phonics took the lead and came back to pick up the six.

YHC was impressed that Hat Trick was mindful of the time to call an audible and cut the triple-check short. YHC was going to collapse off the monkey bars at that point anyway. YHC brought up the six heading to the next exercise and missed the gist of Abacus’s and Phonics’s story-time-while-holding-Al-Gore, but Hat Trick regained control, and led us to five minutes of pain.

Boom Boom congratulated Hat Trick for his well-designed work out by splashing Merlot in nearby shrubbery during COT. Boom Boom told me he attributed this display to “too much standing around”, so we should probably push him a bit harder next time. As we reflected on Boom Boom during our jog back, Hat Trick’s only comment was, “That guy is ripped!” Indeed.

Welcome to Slimer! Way to work through a particularly humid beat down.

Humbly submitted by Helix


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  1. Looks like a solid beatdown Hat Trick. Sorry to have missed. Welcome to the Q rotation. Welcome Slimer. Looking forward to seeing you at future workouts.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Tclaps Hat Trick. Thanks for being s leader and stepping up for VQ week!

  3. Great job Hat Trick!! Sorry I had to travel yesterday missed it!! Welcome Slimer! Hope to meet you soon in the gloom!

  4. Wow, really sorry to miss this one! Great job, Hat Trick welcome to the rotation.

    Also, go be awesome on your mission trip, you are a great ambassador for your town and for God.