Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Collection of Firsts


A Magnificent 7 posted for a gorgeous morning on the trails.  Here’s how it went down:

Run clockwise on Northbank, cross Potterfield Bridge, continue on Buttermilk and then back to the cars.

NMM:  This was truly a morning of firsts.  YHC has never been required to pull a Fudd #AAF during a workout.  Fortunately, YHC arrived with time to spare.  Unfortunately, Helix drove in during the half hearted attempt to sneak into the woods, and TYA rolled in during the exit.  What could you do but smile and wave?  TYA believed this to be creepy, but hey, everybody does it.

YHC then started down the hill with Hat-Trick right on the heals and Helix coming up fast.  It was during this time that YHC learned that Hat-Trick was Helix’s progeny, and it can safely be assumed that Helix grew up in WV with YHC #GeneBackwater and started his family while in his teens.., or he is a vampire who doesn’t age?

After teaming up with UpChuck for some time, YHC realized the M was teaching Sunday School, and there was no time to delay.  This brought about the next First as this was the first time during a Q that people were left behind.  TYA may still be running or is feeding crows.  Someone let me know!

Lastly, this was Fathers Day, and it was YHC’s first without his.  The well thought out prayer planned for the COT never happened, but YHC’s dad liked long speeches even less than YHC.  With that in mind, we’ll leave it to this quote:

“And I think about him, now and then
Every time I try and every time I win” – Johnny Cash

Thanks to all the fathers out there who teach through the examples of hard work and never quitting.

Stay Classy,



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  1. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Fitting quote and great tribute to ol’ Joe Romans. Well done, and hope you’re not wearing a diaper today to keep the calamine lotion on your poison ivy covered sack.