Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

C’Ville Blackout


10 F3 Regulars, 2 FNGs and 1 11 year old pull up machine escaped the fartsack to  start the weekend the only way F3 knows how.  This is what transpired, I think,

Circle K Q – Mosey around main field and to COP on BBALL courts.  Exercises included Invisble Jumprope x 20 IC, SSH x1 IC (Your welcome TYA), LBCs x 15 IC, Don Quiote x 10 IC.

Line up on baseline for YHCs favorite running exercise, Suicides.  Regular Suicides, Reverse Suicides, Burpee Suicides, and Merkin Suicides (5 merkins at each touch point).  Just to show off, K2 skipped through this part of the beatdown.  I think she was just showing off, to show how much better shape she is in than a bunch of grown men.)

Mosey to the bottom hill at the base of the main field.  Reverse Lunge up Hill.  Continue Mosey to Monkey Bars.

K2 Q – Elevens.  10 pullups and run to other side of another side of BBALL courts to perform 1 WWII situps.  Repeato until PAX performs 10 WWII situps and 1 pullup.

TYA Q – Mosey to Pavillion for triple Check.  Exercises included dips on benches, boxcutters, and lunge to far side of field.  Repeato until each PAX member has completed 3 of each exercise.

Speed Limit Q – Mosey back to parking lot for quick regroup.  Mosey past main field to the damn slipperiest steps YHC has ever encountered to top and reproup at parking lot at top.  Partner up.  One partner competes an exercise while other partner run down the sliiperiest damn steps and back up.  Repeato until all exercise were completed.  Exercise included Diamond Merkins, High Jump Knee Slaps, Plank.

Mosey back to Flag for 3MOM.  Exercises included Rosalitas, Inlcine Rosalitas, American Hammers.

COT – Numberama, Namearama, TYA took us out with thankfulness for health and to be the most SUPER we can be during each and every day.

NMS – The night before K2 told told YHC she was going to F3 (so proud) to get the weekend started the right way.  YHC said OK, but informed his 2.0 she had to get up early because we were headed to C’Ville to meet some new F3 friends.  At 454am, K2 wakes YHC and we hit the ground running because we were meeting at TYA’s house to clown car to C’Ville.  YHC rolls into TYA’s neighborhood hot (Imagine that) and Swirly was already sweating because YHC was 2 minutes late.  The clown car ride up was great because Big Blue had alarm going off left and right, due to Swirly’s (Yes Swirly’s driving speed).  Apparently Woodfin has the teenagers controls set on Big Blue and the damn truck beeps at you every time you go over 71 MPH.  It is odd that the alarms are set on Swirly’s truck because the man rarely even gets to the posted speed limit on any road he drives.  (No wonder he is the first to the workouts every morning, he leaves his house at midnight every night just to be on time, due to the fact he drives as fast as molasses moving in January.)  Now to the beatdown.  After a quick COP, we went right to work with the Suicides.  Every PAX member crushed these and off to the bottom on the hill.  As the PAX was running to the bottom of the hill, YHC imagined TYA traversing the slippery grass of the hill backwards and thoughts of extreme slippage crossed YHC’s mind.  Not to be disappointed, YHC thinks TYA darn near rolled back down the hill at least three time as the PAX Bernie Sanders the incline.  K2 took over the Q like a pro and relished in the fact she could probably perform more pushup than the entire PAX combined.  It was at this point she stopped skipping and was slowing down a touch.  After this was pointed out to her by TYA, she looked him in the eye and starting skipping faster than anybody in the PAX was running.  It is You Vs You after all.  With that being said, YHC could not have been prouder.  Only in F3 will a group of grown men follow the orders of an 11 year old gymnast if that 11 year old is the Q.  Well done K2.  Apparently TYA was intent on seeing how much gravel each PAX member could bring home in their shorts with the Triple Check.  Boxcutters in the gravel will always suck.  Now for the dreaded slippery steps.  Speed Limit can run like the wind, but YHC is questioning his judgement after he led us up the steps to the parking lot.  With the rain the night before, these steps were slick as eel snot.  On one descent, True North went down like a ton of bricks and scraped his back pretty good.  Hope all cuts and bruises heel quickly my man.  Kudos to Speed Limit to step up and lead the PAX for the first time.  During the 3MOM, TYA announced the name of the first C’Ville AO, Blackout.  While K2 and TYA were in complete agreement and understanding of the name, YHC and Swirly still do not get the name.  For further details, ask TYA.  Anyway, it is good to have a new name to add to the list of AOs.

Coffeteria at BODOS was well attended and it was good to catch up with the various PAX members.  While at BODOS, Swirly and YHC were discussing plans for an F3 Crab-picking, Oyster Roast, Cookout during this summer.  Look for details later this summer/early fall.

The clown car back to Richmond was highlighted by TYA singing country songs.  K2 was embarrassed for TYA.  Enough said.

Thanks for allowing K2 and myself to be a part of giving F3 away to a great group of men in C’Ville.

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  1. Great to visit C’Ville and meet a bunch of new guys. Can’t wait to get back. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. It is always a pleasure to be associated with the group of men.