Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Swampy…


8 men gathered at Betty Weaver ES parking lot this morning and immediately wondering why DK was entering the parking lot, as if he just left Robious Landing Park? Seems DK has been trapping raccoons because of their love for his chickens and DK released one before he met us at The Gloom!  And, the Q teased everyone by having frisbee’s in hand but NO ultimate frisbee this morning!!

0530 off we mosey to football stadium at JRHS for a Flatline led Q-thanks to Honeymoon for confirming correct turn to football stadium. Arriving at the stadium, Q noticed that yes, the sprinklers were on, and the stadium is named The Swamp.

Circled up for the COP: Arm Circles X 15, Copperhead Squats X15, Imperial Walkers X15, Scissor Kicks X20, and SSH X20.

First Exercise: Merkin Mile- x4 laps around the track. Each straight away AYG (all you got) and mosey in the turns. After each lap completed, 20 merkins!

Second Exercise: DMC- Duck walk, Many exercises, Crawl bear. Now this is where the Q used frisbees- yard markers. One frisbee marked-10 yds, 20 yds, 30 yds, 40 yds, and 50 yd line. Duck walk to each yard marker and Crawl Bear back to end line in the end zone. Duck walk to 10 yrd line, 10 mountain climbers and Crawl bear back to end zone line. Duck walk 20 yd line, 20 Merkins, Crawl Bear back. Duck walk to 30 yd line, 30 arm circles, Crawl bear back to end zone line. Duck walk to 40 yd line, 40 LBC’s, Crawl Bear back to end zone line. Duck walk to 50 yd line, 50 SSH’s, Crawl Bear back to end zone line. Swampy describes the field…

Third Exercise-Triple Check, audible, Quaruple Check…8 PAX members, audible had to be done. Exercises were-stadium stairs, 2 evolutions, LBC’s, Mountain Climbers, and Aussie Mountain Climbers. Due to time constraints, Q called another audible and 1 evolution of quadruple check performed.

Final Exericse- Indian Run back to the flag. Thank to Marmaduke and PAX for retreiving frisbees!!  Indian Run turned into frisbee toss-last man tossed a frisbee to lead PAX runner in hopes of a catch. A few catches, a few bad throws, but no one was injured on the way back to the flag. With 50 yards out from flag, Q called AYG (all you got), final sprint to the flag.

In the parking lot at our final turn, two ladies, asked, “What running group are you with?” No one could muster an answer, until Honeymoon mumbled something like, “Bring your husbands!” I am sure we all wish we could have answered those ladies in a more suitable fashion, but the PAX was gased!!

Circle up-number-a-rama, name-a-rama, and age!

Announcements: C’ville may need a Q this weekend. Check with Corporate if you want to lead

July 11-No Tool will be at Huguenot Little League ball fields, behind Robious ES in honor of All-Star Game. Same day, just temporary AO!!

Gumbo volunteered to take us out!!

To the PAX members who attended this morning, thank you for following and the mumble chatter about the Q’s monotone voice is great!! God has blessed me to find this group. Our ability to work out in the am, mumble chatter, and fellowship is a true gift from Him!! May we all be thankful for this day the Lord has made!!

Loud and Proud,




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  1. Great Q Flatline – the merkin mile got the sweat flowing in the swampiness of the Swamp for sure and the duck-walk/crawl-bear suicides with exercises was a killer. Nicely done. Way to push it this morning fellas.

    DK – did the Raccoon beat you back home?

  2. Döner Kebab on

    I like your idea of tracking them with spray paint…until I can muster up the strength to kill them.

  3. Döner Kebab on

    Great Q, Flatline! Thanks for taking the lead this morning. Great use of The Swamp!

  4. Great Q Flatline! I was a swampy mess after that. Enjoyed the mumblechatter today and the fast pace of the workout.

    The best part of the morning had to be the raccoon staring down DK from across the parking lot at BW. DK it’s time to up your game as the relocation project doesn’t seem to be working.

    Flatline, thanks for taking the lead.

    Til next time.