Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If I See Another F’ing runner!!!!


12 Redwoods posted for a morning workout.

The Thang:

St. Chris’s loop for the runners.  6 milers take a right on Grove, Left on Roseneath, Left on Patterson, Left on St. Christophers, Left on Three Chopt, Lett on Grove and back to the shovel flag.  Five milers Left on Malvern, Left on Patterson …..   Raam Gears guys were led by Clavin on a morning jaunt.


Ok, first things first.  Take a look at the PAX list and the QIC part of the backlist.  What is wrong with this picture?  Two things to start.  One, YHC was the Q today, not Lockjaw.  After a four month string of Q’s,  Lockjaw was not signed up (I think I might be able to remedy that) so I took the lead. Second and most importantly, No Lockjaw in the PAX list.  For those of you who have wondered (or even asked) why I took it upon myself to sigh Lockjaw up to Q for so long, now you know why.  NO Q, NO POST for Lockjaw.  Was he out of town?  I don’t thing so.  Was he injured or ill.  Not that I know of.  there seems to be only one way to make sure Mr. LJ posts and that is for him to be the Q.

It was a little sticky out there this morning.  Although in reality it was 70 and sunny, it felt more like 95, 100% humidity and sunny.  The PAX was drenched post run.  Poor Saab (and the gears folks) during the COT.  The PAX was soaked and Saab was relatively dry …. until the COT.  He mentioned as he was leaving that although he didn’t sweat that much, his shirt still stunk from the hugs from the other PAX members.

Marv had to take a little detour pre run.  Seems his alarm did not go off on time and he did not have time to take care of business.  Luckily he lived close enough to the AO to head back home and meet the folks along the way for the rest of the run.

There was one angry lady this morning out on the route.  As we approached Patterson and Grove, the five milers heard quite a commotion.  An elderly lady was yelling at someone (not sure who), with and expletive laced diatribe.  Seeing a group of runners pass, she quickly redirected her ire towards us.  She is apparently not too enamored with runners, and she made that very clear.   I was a bit worried that when Swirly came upon her an altercation might ensue.   Swirly seemed fine, not sure if the lady is still ambulatory…



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Good run this morning.

    I thought Upchuck might try to EH that woman on the route….or engage her in discussion…maybe next week?

  2. Well done fellas. So much anger and hostility in the near west end — can’t we all just get along?

  3. We had a calmer ride than your run. Great views from Oregon hill. No incidents except for jumping over a hole in the road. (and seeing a dog that could eat us whole) Thanks to No Tools for dragging my hungover ass around Richmond today. Wheelie rode strong in the humidity. FIBA!

  4. I did ask TYA if she was the inspiration for HIS matching skirts and luggage. Aqua sharpens aqua. TYA…be proud of who YOU are.

  5. Awesome BB, TYA. Good route for us…especially since I had the ultimate Mother (Nature) Goose. Get it? Sorry I missed the fireworks with the lady…once again, I think God purposefully keeps me out of those situations so I don’t say something to encite it even more.