Saturday, January 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Q: Scout

PAX: Dreamliner, Tow Rope, Deflator, SubMac, Screen Door

Warm-up – 20x SSH, 4 count; 20x Don Quixote, 4 count; 10x Mountain Climbers, 4 count; 2 laps around Eagle Harbor lake – planned 1 but was buying time for the sprinklers to shut off on the field

Main Event – UNO!  Face value determines the reps, color determines the exercise: Blue Card – Squats, Red Card – Lunges, Yellow Card – Big Boy Situps, Green Card – Merkins, Skip/Reverse are Free, Wild cards – 10 Burpees.  Can’t play?  Run 50m to get a card from the pile.  Draw Two?  Run 50m to get a card from the pile.  Wild Draw 4?  After your burpees…you guessed it, run 50m to get a card from the pile.  All PAX perform all exercises.

Slow going at first until we got low on cards then we ran…and ran.  Recommend modifications if this is done again.  Less running, more exercises to balance out the workout.

COT – Matthew 19:17-22, Like the young man to his wealth, what are you attached to in your life that may be holding you back from what God has planned for you? It could be small or it could be big but if you are attached to it, if you place it above His calling, you might be missing out on what He has in store for you.


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