Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beast Bound and Down, Loaded Up and Truckin


18 thought the rain was over and thought today would be a dry workout.  The humidity and this workout proved all wrong….

COP – SSH, IW, Don Quixote

Mosey back to the soccer field for the Beast:  Monkey Humpers, WWII Situps, Burpees, Copperhead Squats, Heels to Heaven, Scorpions

Onward to the tennis courts for the Triple Check: Plerkins and running the length of the court.

Back to School: Lindseys – 30 Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl out to the track and 10 Mountain Climbers, Mosey back and repeat til the split is 10/30 (increase and decrease by 5).

Quick Mary – APDs, Dealers Choice for American Hammers (Marv), Merkins (Tu-Can)

Back to the flag where Circle K took us out.


The Beast kicked off with a little mumble chatter this morning, but by round 3 (burpees) silence came over the Pax.  (Note to self, open with burpees earlier in the Beast).

It also appears that Keymaster carries his dog in the back of his wagon.  Circle K is a big fan of large dogs.  K9 + Colbeer = Circle K nirvana.

We may be on to a K9 friendly concept Q.  Perhaps Labrat will run with that…


  • C-Ville needs you! – Labrat is looking for members of the Pax to take a leadership role and help establish that AO.  See him for details.  It’s a great AO.  Not a single hill or anything resembling one.
  • New F3RVA website launching July 1.  See the new site for future backblasts and announcements.
  • Upchuck has a golf tournament on August 8 for a good cause.
  • VQ week is coming up soon!  Lot’s of open spots.  If you haven’t Q’ed, sign up before Corporate instates the VQ draft.
  • Lockjaw will Q the July HDHH.  It will be a proper send off for Toga.  More information to follow.



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  1. Oof that was rough. I was already not feeling awesome upon rolling out of the fartsack and so did my best to hang on for dear life. T-claps to Ronnie for tripling up with Cottonmouth and I for plerkins … goooooooo!!

  2. Oh and I am most proud of being the one to discover Keymaster’s pooch dutifully waiting for him in his car. I looked in his hatchback trunk and saw a very calm Yellow Lab looking back at me. I said “WAIT IS THAT A REAL DOG?!?!”

    Keymaster popped the hatch and CK was in the dog’s face getting sloppy kisses from Filson (spelling?) in less than a minute. 😀

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