Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beast Bound and Down, Loaded Up and Truckin


18 thought the rain was over and thought today would be a dry workout.  The humidity and this workout proved all wrong….

COP – SSH, IW, Don Quixote

Mosey back to the soccer field for the Beast:  Monkey Humpers, WWII Situps, Burpees, Copperhead Squats, Heels to Heaven, Scorpions

Onward to the tennis courts for the Triple Check: Plerkins and running the length of the court.

Back to School: Lindseys – 30 Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl out to the track and 10 Mountain Climbers, Mosey back and repeat til the split is 10/30 (increase and decrease by 5).

Quick Mary – APDs, Dealers Choice for American Hammers (Marv), Merkins (Tu-Can)

Back to the flag where Circle K took us out.


The Beast kicked off with a little mumble chatter this morning, but by round 3 (burpees) silence came over the Pax.  (Note to self, open with burpees earlier in the Beast).

It also appears that Keymaster carries his dog in the back of his wagon.  Circle K is a big fan of large dogs.  K9 + Colbeer = Circle K nirvana.

We may be on to a K9 friendly concept Q.  Perhaps Labrat will run with that…


  • C-Ville needs you! – Labrat is looking for members of the Pax to take a leadership role and help establish that AO.  See him for details.  It’s a great AO.  Not a single hill or anything resembling one.
  • New F3RVA website launching July 1.  See the new site for future backblasts and announcements.
  • Upchuck has a golf tournament on August 8 for a good cause.
  • VQ week is coming up soon!  Lot’s of open spots.  If you haven’t Q’ed, sign up before Corporate instates the VQ draft.
  • Lockjaw will Q the July HDHH.  It will be a proper send off for Toga.  More information to follow.



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  1. 2 LJ Qs in one week. Can’t complain about that. I will complain about the burpees during the beast tho.

    Nice work Lockjaw.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice on Lockjaw !
    Still sweating …. Way to work guys
    see y’all in the gloom..

  3. Oof that was rough. I was already not feeling awesome upon rolling out of the fartsack and so did my best to hang on for dear life. T-claps to Ronnie for tripling up with Cottonmouth and I for plerkins … goooooooo!!

  4. Oh and I am most proud of being the one to discover Keymaster’s pooch dutifully waiting for him in his car. I looked in his hatchback trunk and saw a very calm Yellow Lab looking back at me. I said “WAIT IS THAT A REAL DOG?!?!”

    Keymaster popped the hatch and CK was in the dog’s face getting sloppy kisses from Filson (spelling?) in less than a minute. 😀

  5. Dogs, Coldbeer and F3-what else do you need in life?

    Great Q LJ. The Lindseys were a killer and my shoulders are feeling it

  6. Dude I was 10 minutes late and that was still a bitch!! great job today fellas..

  7. There is an RFID chip on your car. Big Data knows the average arrival time of each PAX member. Any guesses on who is leading that list?