Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Donkey Kick This!


6 regulars brought their kettle bells, YHC planted the SF and then all engaged in a battle on this sunny and 70 (literally) morning.

COP (all IC)

20 SSHs, 10 merkins, 10 sit up presses, 10 merkins, 10 goblet squats with kbs, 10 merkins, 10 don quixotes, arm circles (10 / 5 – reverse), 10 merkins

Donkey Kick This!

Mosey to the wall and line up

10 donkey kicks against the wall, lunge across the parking lot to exercise on the grass, exercise and side lunge back to the wall, repeat four times with these exercises

  • 15 halos each way
  • 30 double hand swings
  • 30 sit up presses
  • 30 overhead presses

Jog around the bus loop forward. Jog around the bus loop backward. 20 merkins IC.

20 donkey kicks against the wall, walk across the parking lot with kettle bell held high to exercise on the grass, exercise and walk back to the wall with kettle bell held high, repeat four times with these exercises

  • 15 halos each way
  • 30 double hand swings
  • 30 sit up presses
  • 30 overhead presses

Mosey to the curb and line up. Overhead curb presses as the first three run the bus loop. Sit-up presses as the last three run the bus loop.

Mosey to the flag. 20 merkins IC.

Numberama, Namerama. Opus took us out.


YHC almost forgot that he was leading today until he checked the Q sign-up sheet a few days ago. The DaVille area Q’s have been filled for weeks and this was the only open one. The PAX was ready to get to work right from the beginning.

The monthly challenge continues to inform the workouts as merkins were incorporated at various points. Some mumble chatter spoke of placing kettle bells on our backs as a way to increase the pain. That didn’t happen but the idea is intriguing. Others spoke of trying SSHs with kettle bells. That didn’t happen either but that idea is very intriguing…

Helix garnered the respect of the PAX as he continued with his 35 lb kb after using 25 lbs until recently. Helix challenged all of the PAX by his example with form and weight. Iron sharpens iron and the PAX took note of his fighting spirit throughout the morning.

Donkey kicks always add fuel to the fire and that was the case again this morning. YHC led a similar workout a few months ago and was encouraged to see that the PAX was clearly stronger this morning after months of work. Indeed, the workouts do not get easier but we get stronger as we engage.

No Idea put forward a valiant effort and continues to show how unwavering commitment leads to growth. He celebrate his one month anniversary this morning and the PAX all noted how far he has come. There are millions of excuses to drop off the F3 planet but those who choose to stay in the fight receive the benefits of fitness, fellowship and faith.

YHC is about to leave for a cross-country trip and he is going to miss the PAX while away. YHC will be looking for workouts along the way but may will most likely be posting for mini-workouts at rest stops and at camp sites (lots of picnic tables for step ups, skull crushers and derkins!).

It is always an honor to serve through leading the workout. Thank you to the PAX for making this morning another memorable morning with F3RVA!

The Carpenter


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  1. Great Q and BB Carpenter! Way to bring pain for one last Q before you leave. Have a great trip and we will see in the gloom later in July!!

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Looks like a solid beatdown and oddly familiar TC.
    Lab Rat’s first “real” Q we did KB weighted merkins, worth a try!

  3. Nicely done The Carpenter! still feel it. Don’t forget to find some AOs while you drive 7,000 miles over the next month and a half!

  4. The Carpenter on

    Indeed. I adapted your groundhog day workout a few months ago and brought it back with some slight modifications this morning. I clearly remember being pushed by this workout and I am looking to help the PAX out here grow through it too. I am seeing that it is a good measuring stick to see how far the PAX (including me) has progressed.

  5. The Carpenter on

    There are not many out there until I get all the way to Seattle where there are 4 AOs. They are all 45-60 minutes away from where I will be staying. I will try to get to one and post in West Coast time though! I may try to run a workout in Maple Valley with some old friends too! #SeattleExpansion

  6. Thanks for leading another smokefest, THE Carpenter. I am particularly grateful to you for pushing me through that last set of overhead presses. Have a great trip. With luck, I will have recovered by the time you get back.