Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Modified Jackpot


10 Men showed up today for my themed workout  “jackpot”

Ran to the open field for a quick huddle

10 windmills

10 deep knee bend squats

We partnered up with one man running around the field the other man did the fallowing and switched back until each was completed. We ran about 3 miles this morning.

100 Merkins

150 dips

200 leg lifts

250 jump squats

300 Merkins

350 american hammers

400 who made it to 400?

Than the pax decided they were done and ran back to the flag without me

Ring of fire led by McRib 10 merkins than 10 on your own

J-Ville led us out this AM with a prayer

Thanks men for showing up big today, I had a blast leading its been awhile I was tad rusty!!!

Flashdance over and out


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  1. Great work today fellas!! I knew you were done when you ran back to the flag without me!!

  2. That was an elusive jackpot. I’m sorry we never made it to the end there. Thanks for leading. I am sufficiently smoked.

    Til next time.


  3. Everything hurts! Normally on days I work from home I sit on a yoga ball instead of a chair. Today I said “forget that” and am slumping horribly in a chair.

    Well done everyone!

  4. Yeah – I usually avoid the elevator here at the office, by this afternoon I was riding… Honeymoon and I got pretty close to 400. Some kind of lunge?? Looked like the dance moves of a crazy person by the time I got to it.