Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beat Your Partner to the Spot


Nine fearless runners plus El Duderino himself convened at the commons for what felt like a run through peanut butter.  Singer confused himself and no one else had the Q so YHC grabbed it.  Swirly and YHC were on the same page which made today’s route an easy call.

The Route
Mosey to the intersection of Westhampton and UR Drive.  Partner up for tag team.  Partners run in opposite directions toward the alumni center.  When they met they turned and came back to Westhampton / UR Drive.  Repeat, this time trying to “beat your partner to the spot”.

Mosey to the base of Gateway & Richmond Way.  Pick a new partner and repeat.  Run in opposing directions up Gateway and Richmond.  Meet somewhere near the football stadium, switch directions and return.  Repeat, trying to beat your partner to the spot.

Mosey back to the start and finish with a quick clockwise loop around the lake.

Numberrama, namearama and Marv took us out.

YHC thinks Singer had it right by announcing after the run, “what a beautiful day for a swim in the lake”.  Surely the humidity added 20% distance today.

YHC enjoyed watching Marv take on Grunt in the 100YD dash at the end of the run.  Unfortunately, given YHC was dragging ass, YHC was unable to accurately report on the winner of the sprint.  Grunt was smiling and certainly looked proud.  Marv likely has a different accounting.

For big data purposes, YHC would like to report we made it 0.39 miles before TYA took us to the gutter, earning the title of this backblast.

– Taxi Cab is proud to say he can now run to a workout
– Still looking for someone to lead Saturday @ CVille

Best wishes to The Dude and his continued recovery.  Kick back, recover and have a white russian.  You’ll be better than ever before you know it.

Splinter out



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well boys summer has arrived – man it was hard to breath out there this morning.. Glad we were on the same page Splinter – that run is always tough regardless of the humidity .. Way to push guys. Get well soon Saabski – Lebowski 2020 dude – awesome shirt Splinter – it’s Saab all the way baby!
    It’s 10am and I’m still sweating..
    See you dudes in the gloom…

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Lately I seem to only be in town for grueling workouts. Then again, they’re probably all grueling in this humidity. I thought TYA had picked up a traffic cone today on the way back to the finish, but alas it was Taxicab carrying his own shirt. Both he and TaxiCab were shirtless. We’re in uncharted territory now, fellas.

  3. Although Saabski could not abide today, he can’t stress enough how much he appreciated the support from the PAX, AND the best tshirt an Achiever could ever wish for.

    You rock Splinter.