Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fox and Hounds


6 strong mosey into the gloom, 5 turn right, one goes left.

The Thang
The fox turns left onto James River Road, right onto Riverton Ridge, left on Welby, right on Sheffield, left on Ashwell to complete the loop and return. 3.6 miles total for the fox.

The hounds turn right and cross over Robious, turning right again into James River High School Athletic Complex, left on to James River Road into Robious Landing Park making the loop, turning left on Riverton Ridge and make the same loop as the fox. 4.7 miles total for the hounds.


YHC was the fox on this humid morning trying to stay ahead of the hounds before returning to the AO. With a 1 mile head start but some mighty speedy hounds chasing YHC was not sure the loop could be completed in time. Cresting the top of the Ashwell hill YHC sees Gumbo jogging the wrong direction? He asks if I’ve seen Wilson? I have not, I’m actually trying to make sure I don’t see anyone until we reach the finish line, I think to myself. YHC proceeds on as does Gumbo, keeping an eye out for Wilson somewhere along the route back. One rule any racer learns early in any racing career is to never turn your head and look back, it will always slow you down. Now YHC is not 100% sure that rule applies to running but needless to say YHC ran the last mile pretty certain I could hear footsteps getting ready to catch me at any moment. The fear of being passed can provide some needed motivation. After reaching the AO successfully the hounds arrived about 30 seconds later. YHC probably got a little lucky as some of the hounds may have taken a wrong turn or two. The number of Terraces evidently provided some extra cover for the fox today. Good run men!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    The ole fox and hounds …. Way to go fella’s !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great idea LugNut and way to push it today. After seeing Wilson’s route on Twitter, there was no way I was finding him and Wedding Singer, but I’m glad to see they didn’t take the long way up Ashwell hill to Robious. In any even the Hounds will have to wait for another day to catch the Fox.

    It was certainly a humid 70 this morning and the sweat was rolling. Good run men!

  3. I felt bad for Wedding Singer. As he started to separate from me to catch the leaders, they just disappeared. Pretty weird. At that point Wedding Singer kept looking back to me for directions……I tried like hell to always go in the downward direction (that could have been the start of our direction issues) my apologies as Wedding Singer – he did not seem amused by my assessment of the number of Cul De Sacks in Tarrington. I did however enjoy the face time. Thankful the BRR team puts up signs. God only knows where I’d end up! Glad I woke up today! And again Singer – my apologies.

  4. Wedding Singer on

    if you look at my track record, pun intended, I’ve gotten lost on a number of runs over the past few months. Doesn’t really bother me as the main goal is to get out there and run, which is accomplished. Lesson learned, if you’re told to do a loop and the road is marked ‘terrace’, there’s no need to run up to the top. No worries Wilson, enjoyed it.

  5. Day late….Wedding Singer-as long as you are running, than yes mission accomplished and training underway for BRR. Honeymoon and Gumbo, pleasure as always! And, as we were finishing up, there were Wilson and Singer and all were accounted for! Great Run, Men!