Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

3 of 4 Corners


8 Men gathered in within Sight of the Circus ti take advantage of the weather and begin their journey along the Appian Way. It was YHC’s turn for the Da’Ville takeover and we did this:


All IC

SSH x 15

DQ x 10

Arm circles x 10 small, 5 big repeato

4 Corners (we only got to 3)

Indian/Native American/Indigenous Persons Burp to Corner 1

Pax Lines up and performs kettle-bell burpees

the six runs to the front

repeat to the corner

Corner 1 52 halos (26 each way)

Merkin Death Crawl of Crawling Death x2

Right hand side

5 death crawls

2 offset  merkins using kettle-bell

5 crawl deaths

Repeat  on left hand side

Lunge the rest of the way to corner 2

Corner 2 52 Sit-up Press

Beast to Corner 3

6 Reps of excersise every 10 steps/lunge steps

  • Merkin Rows
  • Lunge, curl, press combination
  • High Pulls
  • Honeymoon Suite x 52
  • Snatch
  • Kettle-bell burpee with row after the merkin
  • I think that there was more but i cant remember

Corner 3 52 Clean Press (26 each arm)

Mosey back to the flag


  • Charlottesville is up and running and still needs our support. Consider and commit to get out there and help the efforts to get Charlottesville up and running. This week is Roanoke’s turn.  See Lab Rat
  • Cornhole & Rock ‘N Roll, a ReeseStrong Childhood Cancer event, is this Saturday, June 10 at Marty’s Grill in Mechanicsville.  The first band starts at 11 am.  The cornhole tournament starts at 12:30 PM.  To register or for more information, click here or see Phonics.
  • Fudd soiree this Saturday! It will be at his house and M’s are invited. RSCP at his preblast.



Attila took us out


YHC was informed last weekend that 52 needed to be worked into whatever beatdown was done during takeover week. Apperently there was a remark made by people that seldom come to Da’Ville badmouthing Da’Ville. YHC complied and added 2 reps to each of the corners. When YHC rolled into the parking lot this morning he realized 2 things:1) YHC cannot make it on time to AOs that are three miles away from his house, but can make it early to ones that are 15 miles away.2) the AO is larger than remembered when everything was being planned.

YHC got his 2.0s involved in this one so he cannot take credit for the names and some of the variations. This is one of YHC’s favorite formats and it works really well for kettel-bell. There was no White Deer this morning, fortunately Attila does a very good White Deer impersonation so mumble-chatter was not affected. There were only supposed to be 6 of the Honeymoon Suites, but the PAX wanted 52 so the PAX got 52. One day we will do this workout and make it to Corner 4

Lady runners admired us, cars tried to hit us, and we saw Speed Lunging and we will be actively working to make that a new event in the next Olympics.

Thanks again, it was an honor to lead




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  1. Holy smokes! I got winded just by reading all that you all did. Great job in adding the 52 to each corner. KaBOOM! I see no Corporate, I hear no Corporate…

  2. Great job MudFace!! I’m tired just reading this. Glad to see 52 is still being used.


  3. I never got wind of the whole 52 thing. Whatev’s.

    Way to get busy and get it done, MudFace!

  4. The lady-runner-cheerleaders was a nice touch. See if you cant schedule them for next week – theyre good for morale.

    great workout!