Thursday, October 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rusty But Trusty Circuit Training


A very damp day had YHC wanting to get to the AO to #catpaw the area to find the driest location for a beatdown.  The carnival is in town so the PAX got a warmup mosey around the original parking lot over to the shovel flag. Today 7 PAX got better. I hope I got all of the names correct considering I didn’t have my phone on me.  #poorplanning

A quick warmorama:

20 ssh IC  –  20 Mountain climbers IC – 15 Sungods Each way + 15 chinook sungods – 20 hillbillies IC

Over to the thang at the bottom of St(i)ank Hill.

In the spirit of VQ week, PAX were asked to volunteer as Q for each station. Each station was to be completed before moving on to the next and everyone was to plank for the six. Sorry, I haven’t really grasped the names of everyone yet so I wont get into detail of who took what station.  They know who they are (or aren’t).

Station 1

high knees 20 IC

Ssh 20 IC

Air squats 20

Run up stairs to station 2

Station 2

lunges 20 each leg

20 merkins

20 dirkins

Karaoke run to next cone and bear crawl to top of stairs on other side of hill from there.

Station 3

body builders 10

Superman 20

Donkey kicks 20

3 suicides using the set up cones,  then mosey to station 4

Station 4

Crunchy frog 20 IC

Big boy sit-ups 20

Plank hold 30 sec

Side dips 15 per side

Sprint to start and rinse and repeat.

PAX showed maximum effort and was able to complete all stations and two sets of stations 1 and 2.

It was a pleasure to get out there and lead the PAX with a workout and be able to get back in the Q saddle.  YHC was a little rusty but this was a good way to oil his wheels for next time.

Ended the workout with usual COT and called it a day. Im not very a inspirational quote type of guy, so that was lacking 😉



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