Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fun times at the Carillon


An outstanding group of 23 men posted at WDog for this perfect June day.  With amazing weather, the Shovel Flag was planted and off the PAX went for a beatdown that went something like this.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Invisible Jump Ropes
  • Don Quixote
  • Arm Circles – Forward and Reverso
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • LBCs
  • Freddie Mercuries

Mosey to the field

  • Billiards Burpees – The PAX did 5 burpees at the right corner of the field.  Staying on the right, they then ran to the middle and did 5.  They then ran to the end and did 5 burpees.  They then ran to the other side of the field and repeated this along the other side of the field.  The name came because each burpee location was in the same position as a billiards table.
  • Triple Sprints – Split into groups of 3.  Two members stays on one side of field.  The other person goes to the other side.  One person sprints, tags the other member and then does 5 burpees.  The other member then sprints back and tags the 3rd member.  Each member will sprint 5 times.  After all have finished, the PAX then bear crawled to the middle.  After meeting in the middle, the PAX crab walked to the side.

Mosey to the Rusty Cages

  • Modified Cindy – For 10 minutes, all PAX member will do as many cycles as possible of the following:  5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 10 alternating one leg jumps.  While jumping, try to touch the Rusty Cage pull-up bar.

Mosey to the circle in front of the amphitheater

  • Start in Plank Position, then IC 4 count Carolina Dry Docks/Merkins for total of 10.   Hold plank
  • Rotate to side elbow plank – After about 20 seconds, IC – 4 count side APD for total of 10 – Hold plank
  • Rotate to back plank – After about 20 seconds, IC – 4 count incline APD for total of 10 – Hold plank
  • Rotate to side elbow plank – After about 20 seconds, IC – 4 count side APD for total of 10 – Hold plank
  • Rotate to plank – After about 20 seconds, IC – 4 count rotating elbow planks for total of 10.

Recover and mosey back to SF

Numberama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements

Splinter took us out.


As YHC drove to the Carillon this morning, he had planned on taking the PAX into the amphitheater for several moderate to challenging exercises.  After inspecting the amphitheater and seeing that the grass and weeds were still 6 – 12 inches tall, YHC decided to go with his back-up plan which includes exercises he has used like the Triple Sprints and circling up at the end to do core exercises.  Both are favorites of YHC.  As challenging as some of the exercises were today, all PAX members performed beyond expectations.  Well done to all.

The unexpected part of today’s workout was during the 10 and 20 counts.  Gumbo counted from 10 – 1 rapidly.  Wedding Singer went 20, 2, 1.  Lab Rat went 20, 9, 8, … and then went back to 10 and counted down from there.  Maybe the WDog PAX does not need 10 or 20 counts?



  • Cornhole & Rock ‘N Roll, a ReeseStrong Childhood Cancer event, is this Saturday, June 10 at Marty’s Grill in Mechanicsville.  The first band starts at 11 am.  The cornhole tournament starts at 12:30 PM.  To register or for more information, click here or see Phonics.
  • Fudd is also hosting a party (M’s invited) at his house that night. RSVP to his preblast.
  • VQ week starts June 26.
  • Wednesday Hill Run – 5:30 PM
  • West End Lunch – Friday at Whole Foods at noon.
  • June 17 – Marv is leading a 2.0 friendly workout at 7 am following Dogpile.

It was a pleasure to lead this group today.

Phonics Out!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Phonics ! 23 @ WDOG Well done pax! Way to push today.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. I was smoked after the Pool Table with Burpees and Triple Sprints, and then the Rusty Cage…ouch! All the while, I feared the Phonics Plank-O-Rama was coming and it landed with a thud…or maybe that was just my attempt at the Side-APD. Regardless, I was spent.

    Thanks for Shawshank and Flipper for giving Gumbo a nice lead in the sprints – way to push it fellas.

    Nice work Phonics and you do it all with a smile. If HoneyDo is the silent assassin, maybe you are the friendly assassin.

    Hammer- thanks for coming out again. safe travels back to the Mecca.

  3. Solid workout Phonics. The billiard burpees is kind of like regular billiards with drinking. My form and execution got progressively worse as the game went on.

  4. I agree Splinter. Same thing with the Triple Sprints. It is easy after the first sprint to complete the 5 burpees before your partner runs back to you. By the 4th sprint, you are barely finishing the burpees before it is time to run again.

    I will make sure to ask you for a 10 count next time Clavin.

    23 was an amazing number today. Total posting at the 3 Wednesday AM AOs was 41. That follows 55 posting on Tuesday at 4 AOs. Well done F3 RVA!

  5. Loose Goose on

    Great work this morning, PAX! Those sprints & burpees were burners for sure and I had very little left for the Rusty Cage. Thanks Phonics for leading us, excellent job!

  6. Phonics, you are really hitting your stride as a Q. The common theme seems to be bringing absolute smoker beatdowns. That was easily the most unassisted pullups I have ever done. Toga might have issue with calling them “proper pullups”, but whatever they were I was toast at the end.

    Well done.