Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Toll is the ULTIMATE AO


10 pax showed up ready to go, and we grew to the magical number of 14 before the COP was done.  Perfect number for the plan of the morning, and the fields of No Toll were calling!  Here is what transpired:


  • SSH
  • Invisible Jump Ropes (in honor of Circle K)
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Arm Circles
  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Don Quixotes (Abe Vigoda)
  • something for the abs???


Ascending 4 corners:  (10 reps each)

  1. Hand release merkins
  2. hand release merkins, WW2 situps
  3. hand release merkins, WW2 situps, burpees
  4. hand release merkins, WW2 situps, burpees, Lt. Dans

Plank for a minute or two

Ultimate:  Break into shirts v. skins and play ultimate for a half hour….what else you need?


  • Freddy mercury’s (dodge car)
  • American Hammers
  • flutter kicks


OK, so let’s address the elephant in the room:  DaVille was invited to do this a couple weeks ago and nobody showed (Phonics was the exception).  So thinking about what Lab Rat was going to pull out of the bag for the No Toll regulars, he thought about that shiny new frisbee that he bought for the Green Acres workout and decided today is the day.  A little flustered at Go time for the small numbers, but the No Toll regulars did not disapoint as the LIFO’s kept rolling in to fill out the teams to an even 7 on 7, which just so happens to be the regulation number for actual Ultimate!

The teams were chosen at random, and it turns out that the skins had gained a hidden ringer in Viral.  My boy can throw a disk!  Antics were supplied by Gumbo today, who embraced the “skins” opportunity to show off the beach body.  Just think “all about that bass, no treble”.  Thanks for shaking what you got!  Some impressive diving catches were made this morning as the pax went all out for their team.  Most notable was a diving score by The Carpenter….it was a thing of beauty.  The skins mounted some great drives powered by Flashdance, Oyster, Hammer (Mecca), McRib and Honeymoon to make it close.  But, in the end, shirts took down the victory led of course by Rosie, with a strong effort by Tobit and relative new comer Shakedown.

High fives were exchanged all around and Lab Rat believes that this was a smashing success, as everybody was pretty well spent after going hard for a half hour, and nobody got hurt.  There were a couple collisions out there today, Lab Rat got to find out where Hammer got his name.  Otherwise things went smooth and fast.  So fast, in fact that the Q didnt catch all the details.  So pax please fill in some stories about those not mentioned above.  YHC should know a thing or two about McRib, as he feels he guarded and was guarded by him a good bit.  Also, Mr Roper and Marmaduke deserve some love.  No slacking out there today!  Great work men, that was a blast.

Apology of the week goes to the Mechanicsville regulars. Lab Rat is sorry yall fart sacked 2 weeks ago and didnt get to have this much fun.  That’ll teach you to sleep on a Lab Rat Q!

Lab Rat apologizes.



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  1. Announcements:
    -Cornhole RNR is Saturday! See Phonics
    -Fudd’s party is Saturday too! Dont be “that guy”, rsvp to the preblast to let him know how much alcohol to supply.
    -F3Charlottesville could use a clown-car for week 5 (June 17th). Are you Available?!? See Lab Rat.
    -VQ week starts June 26th. See Viral.

  2. Thanks Lab Rat, that was fun. Rosie’s pass to The Carpenter was a thing of beauty for sure.

  3. The Carpenter on

    Well done, Lab Rat. The Q fulfilled the DaVille Takeover vision except that you cut the SSHs short at 30 (instead of the 52 for the “pole the DaVille bear” podcast). Don’t worry… we’ll make up for that later this week when I Q……. (take note, Circle K).

    The ultimate match provided some good sprints and change of direction movements. I think that keeping out the burpees led to a more competitive and engaging match.

    Viral is a professional. Rosie knows how to thread the needle with precision throws. Mr. Roper was a silent assassin with his quiet throws that kept the drives moving forward.

  4. The Carpenter on

    I thought, “There is no way he (Rosie) could thread the needle here” and then he delivered the precise strike into the end zone. Rosie engineered that Sportscenter Top 10 moment. I was just there to receive the gift.

  5. Great call Lab Rat, that was a blast. The plush field and wet grass provided the perfect sliding surface. Marmaduke’s diving catch for a score was early on but may have been the play of the day. It got the shirts out to the big early lead that was never relinquished.
    I also plan to call invisible jump ropes whenever Gumbo is around, he was crushing it with some high stepping moves.

  6. Thanks to LabRat and The Carpenter for burning the gas and getting up a little extra early to come enjoy the gloom SOJ. Great Q LabRat. It was both a blast and a workout for sure. I was gassed after trying to chase down the Shirts who looked like the Greatest Show on Turf today. The trio of Viral, Rosie and The Carpenter were just too much for us SKINS to handle.

    Still have no idea how Rosie threaded that needle or how TC caught that Frisbee with 2 feet in his face. A thing of beauty! Well done.

    SKINS – form up back on the field at 1800 tonight for practice!

    As for doing the Truffle Shuffle and shaking all my BASS and no Treble…you never know what might happen when the shirt comes off an you let the Wookie out!

    Great time folks. Great to meet Hammer – hope to see you out again this week.

  7. Ha ha…if the count went higher I would have had time to get McRib and Hammer to break out the long ropes for me to go double dutch

  8. Looks like a great Q this morning LabRat! Hammer glad to see you finally made it to RVA! Hope to see you later this week!

  9. Just to be clear, the PAX was saved from having to look at my skins.

    that was a lot of fun. Many (maybe too many) an afternoon at JMU was spent playing ultimate on the quad. It was fun to play again and my hamstrings and back were sore at 930! 🙂

    Everyone had some killer plays. From Gumbo’s defense to Tobit’s deep speed to some of the diving catches … I was very glad I scrambled past my missed alarm to make it out with the gang.

    Welcome from Charlotte, Hammer! Looks like Wilson swapped with you this week. We got the better end of the bargain! 😛

  10. Great job and Q Lab Rat!. It’s always a lot of fun to have you at No Toll. I’m really glad we got to use those fields for some competitive activity for a change.

    As for the Ultimate results…the skins need some extra work. That said, I’m spent after a fun morning.

    Welcome to the RVa to Hammer. Hope to see you out again.

    Til Next Time.


  11. Glad to have made it! Thx as always for the F3 welcome.

    Ultimate will definitely make it to a future Q of mine. It was a blast.