Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

To Control or to Serve, that is the question…


5 mammoth Monday revelers showed up by a stone house in the forest just south of the River James for this start of the week workout at Batteau.  This is what transpired:

Mosey to the bottom of some steps in this giganic A/O with so many TYA toys that one can spend a week at the A/O and still not cover all the possibilities.


  • X52 SSHs for the wonderful podcast 52 where corporate tried to poke Da’Ville bear
    • X10 Merkins for it is the monthly Challenge
  • X25 Imperial Walkers
    • X10 Merkins
  • X25 Freddie Mercuries
    • X10 Merkins
  • X15 Smurf Jacks
    • X10 Merkins
  • X10/X5/X10/X5 Arm Circles
    • X10 Merkins


Mosey to the pond:

Lunge Run

Partner up, with a ghost to join the Partner Bs

Partner A runs up to the stairs, while partner B lunges up the hill. Once Partner A comes back down the hill to Partner B, Partner B runs up the hill and Partner A begins his lunges up the hill. Repeat till both reach the top.

Ping – Pong

Go to the stone wall across from the pavilion.  Two (1 and 2) at Point A, Two (3 and 4) at Point B (20 yrds down) and One (5) at Point C (20 more yrds down). PAX 1 goes from point A to point B backwards – relieves PAX 3 and starts to do Merkns. PAX 2 does step ups, PAX 3 does Merkins till PAX 1 gets to point B, then he goes backwards to Point C – backwards, and does step-ups there.  PAX 5 does step ups till PAX 3 got to Point C then he goes to Point B bacwards. PAX 4, who has been doing Merkins the whole time, goes to Point A backwards. PAX 2, who has been doing step ups the whole time, goes to Point B backwards. PAX 1 then continues to point C…

Once 400 Merkins was completed, we then wrapped up and moseyed over to a field with picnic tables.

Indian Picnic Table Run

PAX takes the back picnic table and carry it to the front of the other two tables. PAX then traverse on top of the picnic tables to the beginning of the picnic tables. That PAX then carry together this table to the front this line of picnic tables and repeat the process.

Once enough time was spent on this Indian Picnic Table Run the PAX traveled back to the flag via the easy route.


Each PAX member called out and led the PAX in 5 of their favorite choice of pain

  • Abacus – – Hillbillies
  • Flipper – – Heels to Heaven
  • Slurpee – – Merkins
  • The Carpenter – – 2 Count American Hammers
  • Wedding Singer – – Freddie Mercuries

1 Minute Clock of Merkins



It has been a long time since this YHC was anxious before he went to bed. But this Q caused a fair amount of anxious wonder in the YHC. No need for a clock today as YHC woke up 2 minutes before his alarm was scheduled to go off and tickle the M out of her sleep.  Gently and like a mouse YHC slithered out of the room without any sound or ripples in the air allowing M to feast in the world of dreams. Mission 1 accomplished.

YHC, having scouted out the north side of the AO, arrived early to scout the north side of the AO. Impressed by the vast array of toys across this fruited plane, YHC smiled as the sun dotted the air with more and more light.  After his brief scout of the AO, YHC came back and saw 3 regulars discussing mundane topics around Old Glory.  A smile leaped on YHC face as The Carp got out of his car and approached the chatter around Old Glory.  Talk of other potential PAX members raged as the time to start approached. No such luck, many a member embraced the lure of the fartsack this fine Monday morning.

Da’Ville counting started in earnest as we began with some SSHs.  However, Qing afford little opportunity for YHC to ensure a boisterous beginning of Da’Ville counting south of the River.  All is good, as each counting method still gets us to what we want.

The hill leading to the pond was impressively long and provided a good grade in two separate places. The legs enjoyed the work with the quadriceps enjoying most of the fun.  Chatter was strong on the lunge cycle to deny the pain a place at the table.  However, quietness ruled the air as the PAX worked their way up the hill in a run/jog/walk leg of the effort.

Ping – Pong was a crazy mess as the PAX had only 5 versus 6 or more.  We sorted out some rhythm by the end, but it wasn’t pretty. Yet pretty tough.

Indian Picnic table run was a great exercise as it worked many different muscle groups and required coordination and team work.  At the end it was discussed how pleasurable it would be to race each other getting a set a picnic tables across a field.


  • This is Da’Ville take over week.  It is with pleasure that we come out and serve the F3 RVA community this week.  F3 has given so much to us and we are honored to give back to the PAX
  • Charlottesville is up and running and still needs our support. Consider and commit to get out there and help the efforts to get Charlottesville up and running. See Lab Rat
  • Fudd soiree next week.  Respond to his BB.


  1. I’ll bring the bbq to have on the picnic tables next time! The hill of Ill regret is still as pleasant as I remember… Nice Q Abacus, way to work guys!