Saturday, December 3
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MaNNdate 5/31/17



7 made it out of the fart sack on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  Many muscles were soar from from hills at the convergence down at Tredegar on Monday and running on the cross country trails behind Atlee HS on Tuesday.  Now it was time to do some Mannly work with the kettle bells.

Mosey to the entrance of the school to warmup.

Warmups consisted on SSH, WWII Situps, Helicopters, Arm Circles and Copperhead Squats

Started with 11’s between the front of school and across the bus loop.  Goblet Squats and Kettle bell Halo’s

20 around the leg figure 8 passes.

40 hip halo’s

Mosey a few feet to the 4 corners of the bus loop.  Run between corners with kettle bell over head.

  • 10 kettle bell swings
  • 10 One Arm Presses (each arm)
  • 10 boat – canoe’s
  • 10 sit-up presses
  • 20 kettle bell swings
  • 20 one arm presses (each arm)

Lay in grass – head over curb.  Bring kettle bell from check to ground – 40 times

Mosey to flag.  Sit in a circle with backs to each other.  Pass bells several times to left and then to the right.

Time was running out.  Circled up around the flag.



Mudface took us out with a prayer.

It was my honor to lead these guys.


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  1. Don’t think I will ever be a fan of the boat-canoe. Great job fellas!

    See y’all in the Gloom!