Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Man down 3 times


5 faithful posted on a perfect Sunday morning for a trail run

The Thang:

Northbank to T. Potterfield, to buttermilk and back to the Pump House parking lot.


Bleeder got an early start this am, starting out somewhere around 630.  The rest of the PAX convened at 7pm for the start.  Our goal was to catch up to Bleeder before his finish.  Mission failed (I think).  By the time I got back to the parking lot, he was gone.  Upchuck may have seen him, but I heard no reports, so I am assuming not.

Great morning for the trails. Pretty quiet out there and the weather was acceptable.  Mid Sixties with just a little bit of humidity.

When we finished the run, Gomer Pyle was a mess.  He had mud on the front, back and all the sides of his shirt.  When I asked if he fell, he said he indeed did, 3 times.  That has to be a record for Sunday trail run falls.  I have gone done twice in a day, but never three times.  One observation.  He must be an experience faller, because despite hitting the deck three times, I did not see any bumps, bruises, or blood  on his body…

Lab Rat was putting the full court press on Gomer Pyle of the BRR today.  Anytime I was near the two of them (which was rare), tales and descriptions of the event were being shared.  Thanks to Upchuck for the ride home for YHC.  Asking for a ride when you are soaking wet and then realizing that the car seat are cloth was a little uncomfortable for me.  Fortunately Upchuck had a spare towel that I could site on…thanks brother. Bleeder reported that he ran into Hardwood during the run.  Hardwood, I hope you are alright and did not sustain too much damage during the collision….

Saab was missed on the trails this am.  I cannot wait to talk to Saab, because his current ailment occurred during a run in (literally) with a few dogs.  Still cannot figure out what happened, but it must be a helluva story….



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run this morning. GP, I am hoping you are no worse for the wear?

  2. An early start leads to an early finish, Thinking the PAX was hit on my heels picked up my pace, Did run into Hardywood coming across the bridge!

  3. Missing a workout due to ailments brought on by over-work is expected. Never did I expect to be on the DL because I’d been hit by a dog.

  4. Gomer was all about quick recoveries, and he never let the falls slow him down, but he did have one pretty bloody knee, and I KNOW he now has poison ivy. Heel quick and come back, Gomer…loved the chat.

  5. Probably should do less site seeing on my first ever trail run. Nothing hurt but pride. A little extra stretching too courtesy of rolling out a fall. We should do rolls on the carillon green.

    I was rolling through one particular fall and noticed that the drop was straight “romancing the stone” down. Did not even see the poison ivy.