Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is this the Real Life, Is this Just Fantasy?


Twenty-two regulars + 1 FNG were caught in the landslide that is Dogpile for a brief 60 minute escape from reality.  The PAX gathered around the flag for much mumblechatter before embarking on our journey.  Saturday seemed like a great day for a slaughter starter, so we mosey’d to the field for the start.  Here’s how it went, more or less…

SSH – 20
Burpee – 1
Merkin – 10
Burpee – 2
Copperhead Squat – 10
Burpee – 3
LBCs – 20
Burpee – 4
Werkins – 10
Burpee – 5
Ball Dippers – 10
Burpee – 6
Flutter Kicks – 20
Burpee – 7
Hand Release Merkins – 10
Burpee – 8
Imperial Walkers – 10
Burpee – 9
American Hammers – 10?
Burpee – 10

The Thang
Mosey to the VITA trail for some station fun.  One lap around the VITA trail, stopping at each station for a set of exercises.  Exercises rotated through merkins, jump squats, WWII situps.  10x at each station.  Reverse plank call by Flatline after a lap while the PAX convened.

Quick stroll towards the rusty cage with a stop a the poles for a pole smoker indian run.  Hold 6 inches while one PAX member completes 2 pole smokers.

Work our way over to the rusty cage for pull-ups and jerkins.  Partner up for 5,4,3,2,1 pull ups and 10,8,6,4,2 jerkins.

Saunter towards the amphitheatre for a quick round of 11s.  Merkins & WWII situps.  Finish up with a round of mary including Freddy Mercuries (with singing) and LBCs.

Race back to the flag for high fives and a greeting by two pseudo-pax members itching for a little breakfast.

Today was a great day to open our eyes, look up to the sky and see what a brilliant day that was created for us.  Welcome to FNG Hitchhicker and thanks to the PAX for being so welcome to a Saturday morning Splinter Q.

Given the extra time Dogpile allows us, YHC decided to try to bring the pain back to COP.  One PAX member figured out the pattern after the first set of burpees.  Well done, a pattern indeed.

Flashdance, not being a poor boy but still desiring sympathy, on numerous occasions requested arm circles to no avail.  Glad you still retained the gift of gab throughout the workout.

There was a breakout group during Mary, I believe lead by Swirly, broke out in a tribute to Freddy Mercury.  YHC attempted to retain cadence amongst the rising chorus but it was a challenge.  Kudos to the harmonics of that group.

We all know that things in life are easy come, easy go.  Sometimes we are high, sometimes we are low.  That’s the great thing about F3.  Every day is a different challenge, with a different leader.  Hey, any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to YHC.  Let’s go out into the day and tackle whatever is put in front of us.

Poetry in motion.  Splinter out.

Fudd soiree next week.  Respond to his BB.  Duet being prepared with McRib.
Reese Strong next weekend.  Cornhole, bands, tons of fun.  See Phonics.
Clown car host needed for CVill on 6/17.  Confirm with Lab Rat.



  1. Wow, that reads like an absolute smoke-fest and a damn good time. I’m bummed to have missed it. Nice work Splinter and PAX.

  2. Well done to Phonics for the often tried but rarely pulled off flying headlock this morning!

    Honorable mention on the name game to Bleeder for suggesting “Seoul Man”, which is awesome, even if it didn’t get picked.

    Welcome to HitchHiker! Hour to see you again soon.

    Starsky 1 of 3 out.

  3. Sorry to miss this smokefest.

    WRT Hitchhiker…for anyone who was at Dogpile last weekend…is it the same guy who was running past us on Nichol Bridge?? If so, awesome headlock.

  4. It was.

    Any who spells Nickel Bridge “Nichol Bridge”? You know it was named that because when built i cost a nickel to pass.

  5. What a great group of guys this is. Arm circle requests instead of burpees, singing, spell checks, big data crashing during the work out. AWESOME! Oh yeah – running still sucks!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Splinter that was an A buddy well done !
    It’s always fun to sing in the amp theatre
    Welcome Hitchhiker- great EH Phonics .
    ET’s as always was awesome!
    MOMMMA – uuuuuuwwwww !!! Great harmony dudes …
    What a beautiful day – we shoulda played some golf after the beat down …
    See y’all in the gloom

  7. Great beatdown today Splinter! Everything was difficult. Hardest COP that I have ever done.

    Welcome Hitchhiker! Apparently I am better EHing people I don’t know than those I have known for years. It was awesome walking up and seeing him there today.

  8. Great job today Splinter! The Q was a lot of fun and the BB is fantastic. That was a lot of fun and a great way to start a beautiful Saturday.

    Welcome to hitchhiker! I hope to see you out again soon.

    Til next time.


  9. What a great welcome YHC received from Wilson yesterday. How could the day go wrong when it starts with a giant bear hug from Wilson?

  10. I’m always amazed to read the backblast and comments. F3 is really something unique. I hope we see Hitchhiker again. He had no idea what he was in for.

  11. Fat Bottom Girls you make the Rockin World Go round!!! Inspired performance Swirly and Great Q Splinter!!! “This is a running group right? Why do you guys have on gloves? Do I need them? Way to bring it Hitchhicker