Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Suboptimal KB Workout


Seven (or was it eight?) PAX posted to the Circus for YHC’s virgin KB Q.  After a quick disclaimer that the workout may include dance-inspired exercises, the beatdown went something like this:


COP: Hammer Dance x20 IC, Don Quixote x10 IC, Windmill x20 IC, Men at Work x20 IC, Pickle Pounders x10 IC.  After each exercise, walkout Merkins OYO increasing from 1 to 5.

Lindsay: Lunges and Merkins down the side of the school.

Dora: Goblet squat, KB swings, Lawnmowers.  One partner exercises while the other jogs 20 ft to the ramp, crawl bear up the ramp, and jog back.

Conveyor Belt: curls 5x each side, shoulder press 5x each side, upright rows 10x, KB bear crawl to next station.

Merkin Ring of Fire.



Welcome to the  June Merkin challenge!  By YHC’s count (not to be trusted), PAX completed 125 Merkins.

Earthworm complained that there was too much running, despite walking all the 20 ft lengths in the Dora.  Johnsonville asked if this workout was optimized.  It was, but the objective function was to minimize WWII situps, with a constraint on a minimum number of Merkins.  YHC will need to incorporate multi-criteria optimization next time.

Attila and YHC competed to see who could smell their gloves the furthest from their faces.  YHC’s gloves are soaking in Woolite in an effort to lose the next round.

Krü continues to insist on finishing all reps during recovery periods, inspiring the other PAX to push themselves harder.  Tclaps!

White Deer, Mudface, and Jville crushed the crawl bear.  The COP warmup must have gotten their juices flowing.  Their reward was more of the exercises during the Dora.


BRR runners and drivers needed – see TYA

ReeseStrong (M Phonics) and Fudd party 6/10

Crossover Clinic Moo & Brew 5k (Malpractice) 6/3


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  1. Great workout this morning! The merkins and bear crawls are my kryptonite. Mudface is a beast with his fist-merkins. Powah!

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Looks like a good beatdown Offshore. KB beatdowns are the toughest to Q IMO. Doesn’t help with the vociferous peanut gallery contingent that usually resides at CM.