Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Distracted wild animals


5 runners posted at varied times and paces for some Wednesday Hill running action.


Standard Hillcrest Loops 1.67 each with a 3rd loop going to Virgina Ave to make 5 miles and a bonus round for those that had the time.


Wednesday hill running is coming back in vogue as the term BRR gets passed around the PAX( Please see the Back Blast below this one for more information)

Honeydo, Swirly and TYA were all crushing it this afternoon. Lug Nut started early and was finishing off the Hills to head to the Shop Night to work on the race team latest creation and to fine tune the old reliable one(hmmm didn’t you blow the engine during the last race somewhere in the middle of Ohio -Keep forgetting the name of that track)

YHC is happy to report that the month of May reintroduced miles to YHC’s legs, 47+ miles for the month. That’s the most distance YHC has had since the 2015 BRR. The knee seems to be cooperating this time.

No bears were sighted during the run, but YHC did think that the hiking pole idea might be the most effect method of distracting a bear. The Doberman’s that YHC passed during one of the up hill segments appeared to be taken with the nearest fire hydrant. Avoiding two doberman’s has become a normal challenge of the Wednesday night activity on Hillcrest. The term F3 could stand for Flight,Fight or Finish, if the doberman’s suddenly become interested in the runner’s du jour.

Bleeder out. Does someone have a band-aid?


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to work fella’s – great night for a run – my legs were smoked..

  2. Gotta get back to the wed night runs for sure. And that video – what the hell! That guy should play the lotto! Lucky idiot!