Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One PAX follows instructions, the other PAX… has Swirly


28 strong Converged at the Belle Isle parking lot for a special Memorial Day beatdown. A great mix of Davillians, SOJ’ers, and West Enders all got after it.  Weather was 66 and sunny with ample humidity to get the PAX sweating.  Here is how it went down:

COP on Brown’s Island.  SSH, Merkins, LBCs, Don Qs, Helicopter.  Split up PAX into 2 groups.  Honeydo took the first group and Swirly had the 2nd group.

Pax 1:  Mosey back to parking lot.  3 Rounds of Donkey kicks at top of hill on the brick wall and Mtn climbers at the bottom, Start with 10 and increase by 10 up to 30 for each.  Pass Q to EF Hutton.  3 rounds of step ups on curbs for 1 min, between 10 Merkins at each corner of space.

Pass to Circle K for Jacobs Ladder.  Merkins from 1 to 7 up and down the hill towards North Bank trail.  McRib served up a Lazy Dora- 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats.

Pass Q to Spit.  PAX goes to Belle Isle footbridge. Start at 5 WWII Situps, up to gate increase WWII count by 5, repeato up and back to 25.  Mosey back to parking lot.  Meet up with 2nd pax.

2nd PAX – Swirly took PAX to steps on Browns Island.  Dips and Derkins? up and down stairs.  Then Triple check, Burpee shuffle, Polar bears and WWII situps, steal YHC’s idea and do Donkey Kicks on brick wall.

Combined PAX meets up and runs up hill (Mountain) to Virginia War Memorial.  American Hammers and Ring of Fire.  COT moment of silence and back down the hill for Numberama and Nameorama.

NMS – YHC had been texting with Corporate last night to see about dividing the PAX depending on numbers who posted.  From there we were supposed to Hot Potato Q after we split at the COP.  YHC’s group kept the Hot Potato Q moving until the PAX met up to tackle the hill for the War Memorial.  Apparently Swirly was having too much fun serving up a beatdown to pass his Q on, to nobody’s surprise.

All the PAX were able to experience the Donkey Kicks on the brick wall.  Several PAX almost flipped over while trying to DK with their hands well below their feet.  Most found the preferred method was to grab a bunch of grass to keep their hands from slipping.

Many PAX were able to discover “goodies” while on the ground in the parking lot.  Glass, dead animals, and cigarette butts were found but the winner was a diaper.

Great to see 28 out with a lot of RVA regulars out of town this weekend.  When we did this last year Belle Isle we had 12 PAX.  Amazing to see how F3RVA continues to grow 3 years in.

Flatline swung by on his way to work.  Ironically his work attire of scrubs is more gloom appropriate than his normal attire when posting.  ETs was a blast as always with some interesting discussion of novel ways to stave off a bear attack.

Finishing up at the War Memorial is a small way to honor those who died in service of this wonderful country.  Be sure to remind your kids what this holiday is all about.

Silent Assassin signing off.




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  1. The Carpenter on

    It was a great morning all around! Swirly was in the ZONE and he didn’t need to hand it off. The only thing he handed off to us was a beatdown worthy of Memorial Day. I have been staying up in DaVille recently so it was good to be back with the wider F3RVA PAX. I have missed the donkey kicks… Thank you, HoneyDo for those and for lending me some gloves as well.

  2. Swirly never met a potato hot enough to release it before he had to.

    If the diaper was a Depends please let me know…that would explain a lot

    If I’m ever attacked by a wild animal, I now feel better prepared to respond in a manner that will leave the animal both surprised and traumatized.

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    The Swirly section of the Q doesn’t have much detail. Feel free to note in the comments what else happened.

  4. Well done men. A great Memorial Day convergence beatdown! Great to see some new PAX that I hadn’t met yet, including Jeter and Kru. Way to work guys.

    To fill in the details on the Swirly Q – it was non-stop pain from the dips and incline merkins (20 and 20) then run across the bridge 3x to the mid-round burpee shuffle to the 75 pole smokers and also the lunges on road to no-where. A true smmokefest finished off with a fitting moment of silence at the War Memorial.

    Have a great Memorial Day fellas.

  5. Great job fellas!! Honey Do no surprise to start things off with donkey Kicks!!

    We had two clown cars from Mechanicsville this morning plus Circle K rolling in! I thinks a record as well.

    On thing to add to PAX 1: McRib’s Q – Lazy Dora: 100 Merkins (plank), 200 LBC’s (6 inches), and 300 Squats (People’s Chair.

    Happy Memorial Day guys!! See y’all in the gloom!

  6. Yo Gumbo! Great job on the podcast….thanks for talking me thru about 40 miles of I95 today. That being said, I wish you were more of a “chirper” behind the plate. You know, #mumblechatter.

    Missed everybody this morning.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Shout out to Honeydo for organizing today’s workout! It’s no surprise I like to have to ball baby !
    Great job today guys – I get in a zone and who knows what will happen . I apologize for not following the hot potato game plan but glad the end result was where we wanted to be – smoked!! Some serious laughs at ET’s today !
    See y’all in the gloom and a special thank you to the folks who fought and died so that we can be free! Aye!

  8. Honey Do RVA on

    Forgot to mention in BB be sure to pray for EF Hutton’s father and Lockjaw’s father-in-law.

  9. Well done men! Thanks for organizing this convergence HoneyDo. That was a fun way to start Memorial Day with a lot of great F3 RVa men.

    See you all next time.


  10. I had to call an audible and fartsacked. 🙁

    Great work fellas, proud of you and proud of the service of the men and women who have died in honor of our nation!