Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An extended Wednesday run


4 runner arrived at the run at four different times.  All PAX saw each other, but only two ran together.

The Thang

3 loops on the longer hillcrest loop.


Last Wednesday was a busy day of the PAX.  I had a 630 appointment, Bleeder and Lug had to leave early, Swirly was the only one that had the appointed time free for the run.  Despite our scheduling difficulties, we all decided a run was in order on the hills.  Lug and Bleeder were the first two to arrive and the first two to start.  YHC arrived about 5 minutes into their run and staredt after them.  Swirly caught us at the start of his run and the end or ours.

NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, try to catch up and pass Bleeder.  The dude is one stubborn SOB.  After the first loop I was a minute or two behind Bleeder and Lug.  In the first downhill, I caught and passed Lug.  I knew Bleeder was aware I was coming and that he would speed up.  Hence, I sped up as well.  After the second uphill he was in my sights and I was slowly gaining on him.  Once he realized I was close, his pace increased again.  He had a goal to make it to the top of the third hill until I caught him.  Mission accomplished Bleeder.  I laid down a 9:20 mile in the hills of hillcrest (most of it uphill) trying to unsuccessfully catch him. As I said, he is a stubborn and competitive SOB. Nice job Bleeder.

Lug got lost on his second or third lap and got the opportunity to hit a few of the hills twice on that go round.  Swirly had a good run and knocked out his three laps alone.  As YHC is well aware, doing the hills alone sucks.  Just having someone else out there makes it much easier.  Hopefully our schedules will mesh better in the future.

BRR is now only 103 days out.  Time to start hitting the hills gents. Time put in now makes the hills that much easier during the event.

Shout out to EF Hutton who hit the hillcrest roads by himself later in the week.  Good to pop the hillcrest cherry of another PAX member.



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