Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Booker T Washington would not have planted peanuts in these conditions….


Three Charlottesville denizens and 4 Richmond regulars converged in Booker T Washington Park for a second time as part of the CVille expansion and to explore what the new AO had to offer.  This is what transpired, more or less:

Saab Q:  COP (SSH, DQs, Merkins, WWII, Imperial Walkers).  Mosey to Hill for a Jacobs Ladder (Derkins off Park Benches on bottom of hill, Burpees on top…all the way to 7)

Swirly Q:  Beast:  (Merkins, WWII, Wide-Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Burpees)

Bleeder Q: Curb Crawls:  Incline/Decline Merkins up to 7 and back down to 1 on each curb

TYA Q:  Dora’s in groups of 4 and a group of 3.  WWII, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers.  Finish with a Merkin ring of fire and a few minutes of Mary (Rosalitas, Hello Dollys, WWIIs, Box Cutters: Spell the name of the park’s namesake…(The one who was not partial to peanut farming.)

Naked Moleskin:

Despite the holiday weekend, the second official workout of the CVille startup had 2 returns, 1 FNG, and 4 clowns from RVA.  The weather was perfect, the ground was thoroughly soaked, and the grass was newly sheered.  This gave way for the following observations, insights, and peccadillos:

  • The AO offers an extremely steep hill for a variety of punishing tasks.  However, having the PAX run down such a grade must be met with caution – particularly if one is recovering from a severe ankle sprain.
  • The thing about Hot Potato is that each Q throw’s in their most favorite punishing acts.  This can lead to a smoked PAX and higher than normal WWII situps.
  • The base of the park is surrounded by two hills, leaving plenty of standing water and grass clippings to run and play in, and work its way into various crevices.
  • It is entertaining to see the confused look of someone who exits their house to see 7 grown men crawling back and forth among their cul de sac.
  • In preparation for the Doras, TYA decided the PAX (of 7) should get into teams of 3.  The PAX was a bit flummoxed as they struggled through the Dora-counts.  (Knowing TYA’s acumen for numbers, YHC was not going to question or challenge his decision for the team numbers….the Q is “all knowing and in charge” after all.)
  • Swirly has a penchant for American history.  Apparently Booker T Washington, was not only an educator, orator, and adviser to the President, but he had a love for peanut farming…who knew?

In all, the PAX performed well and worked through a punishing workout.  Second-F at Bodos was well attended and did not disappoint.

Next weekend HoneyDo will be taking a clown car to CVille to lead the next AO.  Please see him to see if there are any seats to be filled.

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  1. Great work today fellas. I was thoroughly smoked today. Please keep reaching out to others in the Charlottesville area.

  2. Awesome job today gents! Fret not on the low turnout today, several future regulars emailed and called Lab Rat today to report their absentness. Week 3 looks like it is going to be Big Bang week at Washington Park! Things are heating up in CVille!

    We are also working on getting them added to the website. Lab Rat is new to this but is learning quick.

  3. Nice work, boys. Sounds like a fantastic second week. Keep talking up F3 to your friends, drag a new guy out, and keep this thing growing!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice work corporate! Great way to start the weekend with a hilarious car ride up and back ! A solid beatdown – bringing in new F3 dudes – and freaken Bodos’
    F3 cville is happening baby !