Thursday, November 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mid week Double Digit Midget? Aye!


Ten at #DuckDuckGoose!

That’s some kind of a record

5:30? ok…


Went around the ‘hood

Sixteen cul-du-sacs to reach

Made it half way there


Eighteens at each stop

Not 7s or 11s

Merkins and some squats


EH from T-O

Come on Tuesday! Don’t run much!

Oops! Sorry Low Tide…


No paparazzi

Looked good in new F3 swag

Shovel Flags in tow


Back for COT

Name and Number o rama

and words of wisdom


Heard a great message

from a wise man on Sunday

Persevere to end!


Encourage in gloom

How much more should we in Christ?!?

Lift and be lifted


Hard to say in verse

for the full version


YHC gone soon

Who’s got Q of #DuckDuckGoose?

Priorities out





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