Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MC Hill Still Sucks


11 Northerners climb out of their fart sacks (some earlier than others) to take part in another addition of YHC’s Q Week!

This how it went down!!

Mosey to the front of the HS

COP (All IC)

  • SSH
  • Copperhead Squats
  • WWII Sit-ups
  • Gas Pump
  • Merkins
  • Arm Circles


Mosey to the bus loop

4 Corners

2 Laps where completed with the following:

1st corner – Merkins x20
2nd corner – Mtn Climbers (2 count) x20
3rd corner – Dips x20
4th corner – WWII Sit-ups x20

Mosey to the road next to the teacher’s lot

Victory Road

At each light pole complete 5 WWII Sit-ups (12 to 13 light poles total)

Mosey to MC Hill

11’s with Merkins and Burpees

Indian Run back to the SF (about 3/4 of a mile)

Ring of Fire with 10 Merkins

Numberama, Namerama, Carpenter took us out.


Most of the PAX showed up ready to go this morning. Mumble Chatter before the workout including how YHC Q went yesterday and what “HC” stand for. YHC has called the PAX out on F3 Mechanicsville message group to post today. Lab Rat answered with HC. At 5:29 no Rat was to be found so Abacus made the comment that HC must stand for “Half Committed”.

YHC decided to include some of the workouts he first experience during his first couple posting at DaVille. LabRat introduces 4 corners at YHC’s first post at DaVille’s normal location. Victory Road was first used by Carpenter and MC Hill (now making it’s only 2nd appearance) was introduce during YHC second DaVille post.

Tclaps today go to Abacus and Hurricane. Abacus let the PAX in all exercises most of the morning. Glad to have Hurricane out for his 2nd DaVille post (I think we can call him a regular now).

YHC would like to thank LabRat and Circle K for starting up the DaVille AO. Without them, am I sure I would have never heard of F3 and will still be at home in my Face Sack, Sad Clowning it up!!


To many to remember, Lab Rat and Phonics please post in the comments.




  1. Great job today Fellas!

    For those keeping count we did about 130 or so WWII Sit-ups

  2. Thanks for not making me LIFO. I think The Carpenter stole that title from me this morning. I wanted to be there early, my intestines had other plans!

    Glad to have you around, Spit. I really appreciate that you have stepped up to be a leader in Mechanicsville. Rock on, homie!

  3. I love that hill. Sorry I couldn’t be there this morning. I should make your WDOG Q tomorrow

  4. Announcements:

    -F3Charlottesville….wanna go up one Saturday? See me and I’ll get you on a bus.

    -follow us on Twitter for all things F3 and awesome: @f3Richmond

    -Special Memorial Day convergence at Belle Isle 0630. Meet at parking lot on Tredegar.

    -Ever thought about doing a mud run? They are more fun with a group! Dream Liner from Hampton is putting together a team, see pre-blast.

    -Fudd is having a party and has dared the “rednecks” from Mechanicsville to show up. See pre-blast.

    -Show up to Green Acres…Pole Green park Thursday morning at 0530. Rumor has it it’s the place to be.

    -Last week’s podcasts could have been the best yet. You should check them out.

    -Follow @f3Richmond on twitter.

  5. When I got home I had some sand or dirt in my mouth. I thought it was from Abacus, Phonics or Spike sprinting up the hill ahead of me, but that doesn’t make sense. They were WAY too far ahead to be the culprits.

  6. The Carpenter on

    This morning was a fun beatdown. I hated seeing my alarm clock say 5:25 when I opened my eyes. I went on autopilot to get there by 5:32 and join the festivities. MC Hill brought back some bad memories and that is not a negative thing. Great Q all around!