Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Houston we have liftoff in Charlottesville


9 PAX (F3 participants) emerged from the gloom and posted to Booker T. Washington park in Charlottesville.  This was the first workout in Cville and the weather, as expected, was sunny and 70!

The Thang:

Mosey to side of field.  COP SSH x 20, Don Quixote x 10, LBC x 20, and merkins x 25.  Mosey toward Preston Avenue and take the steps up to the upper basketball court for King of Hearts.  Regular suicide, backwards suicide, karaoke suicide and bear crawl suicide.

Q passed to Swirly.  Mosey to Picnic area for triple check.  Dips and LBC’s and sprints.  Repeato x3.  Mosey to playground.  Pull ups x 7 and incline merkins x 20.  Repeato x3.  Q passed to Upchuck.  Mosey to top of wooden steps.  Triple check again with WWII situps, box cutters and run up (or down the steps).  Repeato x3.  Q passed over to Bleeder.  Mosey to main field for 11’s.  Squats and Rosalita’s with lunges between the trees.  Mosey to basketball courts for four corner escalator.  First corner 5x merkins, second corner 10x burpees, third 15x merkings and last corner 20x burpees.  Mosey back to the shovel flat for Superman and a take out by Swirly.

NMM (Naked Man Moleskin)

The Richmond crew arrived early to scout out the AO (area of operations).  Booker T is a fine place to hold an F3 workout.  The location is compact, but it is packed with Yummy treats to work out with.  The field near the parking lot has 11 trees lining it (perfect for 11’s).  There ample picnic benches and seats to use, a double basketball court, a single basketball court, a baseball field, a killer set of wooden steps, and a hill that will inflict pain on the PAX for years to come.  The possibilities in this AO are limitless and most importantly, this location is located about 3 minutes from the Bodo’s on Preston Avenue (Bleeder, you can check the address if you need to).

Charlottesville PAX started rolling in about quarter til 7 and we had a full 9 PAX by the 7am start.  A few observations about our new Charlottesville PAX: 1) they are a fit crew.  All the PAX acquitted themselves well today.  A one hour beatdown for the first workout is no joke and everyone kept moving.  2) no worries if a doctor is needed during the workout.  Half the PAX are docs or or work at a hospital 3) Education level of the PAX is high.  YHC (your humble correspondent) felt under educated having only completed a masters degree and 4) they are an enthusiastic bunch – 4/5 of the PAX joined us for a post workout coffeetaria at Bodo’s.

OK, so Bleeder is a mean SOB.  the FNG’s having survived 53 minutes of the workout were looking pretty spent.  All the experienced PAX were expecting 6 minutes of mary followed by the COT to finish out the hour.  No, Bleeder brings us to the tennis courts and pulls out a merkin/burpee four corners escalator.  The RVA PAX were all looking at Bleeder with disbelief, and YHC asked Bleeder if he were really serious about this exercise.  Without hesitation Bleeder said “exercise” and we were off.  Brutal.

FNG Bob (Hakan) is a true competitor to Bleeder when it comes to bear crawls.  When we did the bear crawl suicides, Bob quickly took the lead, not sure who won the battle, but it was neck and neck.  FNG Speed Limit looks like the prototypical runner.  If you had to draw a picture of a front runner in a 10k (Kenyans excluded), you might draw his picture.  When YHC asked him if he was a runner at the start. he said he used to be.  I guess “used to be” means busting out a 5:30 pace for 10 miles in the hills at Charlottesville a couple of weeks ago.  We might have to start recruiting Speed Limit for the BRR.   FNG True North is a spitting image of Kevin Bull from American Ninja Warriors (minus a couple of the ridiculous guns that Bull has).  He is a former crossfit guy and an systems engineer.  FNG Bolton had a good workout but struggled a little bit with the suicides at the beginning.  We all have our kryptonite brothers.  Keep working  and posting and the fitness for that kryptonite will come.  FNG Margaritaville had to bolt post workout.  Had to head to the soccer games of the day.  Sound familiar gents?

I look forward to seeing how the Charlottesville F3 crew progresses.  We have a good starting seed and I cant wait to see what emerges from this group.  I’m game for the 1 hour ride anytime given that a beatdown, some good 2nd F and a trip to Bodo’s is at the other end.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great work gents. Enjoyed the trip down to Charlottesville. See you in the next six weeks.


  2. First, Great job by all PAX in C’ville! You guys rocked it!
    Second, the locations for Bodo’s are as follows:
    1418 Emmet St. (Rt. 29)
Charlottesville, VA 22903

    1609 University Ave. (UVA “Corner”)
    Charlottesville, VA 22903

    505 Preston Ave. (Downtown Corner of Harris & Preston) – AKA TYA will never let it go!
    Charlottesville, VA 22903

    And Finally, Never ever let Bleeder finish a Hot Potato Q.

  3. Man, Bleeder loves those escalators! That might have been payback for TYA making fun of his alma mater Friday…Cville peeps were just collateral damage.

    Glad to see a good showing out there today! My hope is that everybody talks it up this week and brings a few buddies out to join the fun! Welcome, guys. Sounds like F3 Charlottesville will be in good hands.

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    Welcome the Cville FNG 5. A solid foundation was laid this weekend.

    Hope to see you all there in a few weeks when I am up to Q.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB – TYA. Enjoyed the trip up fellas
    Well done cville pax. Looking forward to coming back to workout @ booker T…
    Oh and I loved the last call Bleeder – way to finish strong – aye!!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  6. Couldn’t ask for a better start and a more committed PAX. Here’s to hoping the numbers continue to grow. Look forward to seeing you all this Saturday for round deux.

  7. Great start to F3 Charlottesville. This group brought a strong effort on day 1, even with humidity and pollen in full effect. Well done, gentlemen.

    Having been there for Week 1 (a prime number), I will miss Week 2 (also a prime number), but look forward to a return for week 3 (also a prime number).

    TYA – you might find this helpful. http://www.math.com/students/calculators/source/prime-number.htm

  8. Sounds like an awesome core group to keep things rolling in C’ville. Excited to have a group to work out with when returning for baseball games at Davenport or passing thru on my way to VT.

  9. Well done Qs and way to turn out strong C-ville. Welcome to all the new PAX members. I hope to get out there in the next couple months to meet you guys.