Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twin Team 11


11 SOJ soldiers gathered for a Twin Team beatdown that went something like this:

20 meter mosey, circle up for COP, in case McRib shows: SSH, McRib arrives, Imperial Squat Walkers (in cadence, boom!), Bob & Weave, Merkins, Capital Letters OYO, 1 legged Alabama Prom Dates

Indian Run to James River High school.

Gather in groups of 3 for Quadruple Check: proper people’s chair, 6 inches, 28 WWII (pace) repeato x4

Indian Run towards football stands.

Audible called to mosey to pull-up bars. Find previous group for Triple Check: 10 pull-ups, 1 spotter, 25 LBCs repeato x3

Mosey to parking lot for Conveyor Belt: 1) 5 squats at each station, bear crawl between each station; 2) 7 Monkey Humpers at each station, crawl bear between each station

Mosey to parking lot hill for Jacob’s Ladder: Ascending Burpees up to 4 and back down OR ascending Merkins by 3 up to 12 and back down

Mosey to VSF for 70s of Mary: Boxcutters & Hello Dollies

COT: McRibb took us out

Nake Moleskin
It was warmer out than expected this morning…72 @ 5:30am in May? Ughhh.

Wilson was impressed by the Imperial Squat Walkers in cadence. Doesn’t take much these days.

YHC has offered to compose the back blast for the next workout Qed by Honeymoon. Apparently he just likes being told what to do. Could be interesting meeting M Honeymoon.

Welcome back The BFG. Solid work. He & Rosie realized they took classes together at VaTech. Take that Kevin Bacon!

Pee Wee admitted that he was gassed…but at a later part of the workout than normal. Keep it up, buddy!

Those pull-ups were just great…as were the 28 WWIIs x4. Great idea.

Enjoy the golf tournament today!


VQ Week – June 26

Memorial Day Convergence @ Belle Isle. Where are we meeting?

Time to go get ready to play golf!


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Great work this morning, gents. Enjoyed leading. Our SOJ numbers are increasing!

  2. Thanks for taking us around the grounds DK. So many choices, audibles are easy to come by especially now that we can see everything. Congrats on getting the ISW in cadence, my first post almost 2 years ago was one of your failed attempts at those.

  3. Wheelbarrow on

    Great Q DK – T-Claps for keeping the cadence going during COP with all the mumblechatter!

    This was my first time at TwinTeam – great AO and even better PAX.

  4. Nice job today DK! Thanks for keeping the COP close to VSF to accommodate my lifo. I will continue to try show improvement on my promptness.

    Honeymoon and Wheelbarrow, it was fun to partner with you guys throughout the morning.

    Good times this AM….DK thanks for taking the lead!



    I hope fun was had at the golf tourney today.

  5. Doner – great work! I was worried id be smoked for the touney, but the Blue Mountains cured any pain!

  6. Twin Team seems to have quite the facility.

    Convergence meeting area is the parking lot by the Belle Isle foot bridge on Tredegar.