Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No sad clowns at this circus


A magnificent VII (yes, seven) posted for this week’s version of Circus Maximus and we took a shot at the following:

Startup COP with 20 x Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, and Helicopters followed by Arm Circles x 15 (including small and big and both ways) and 15 x WWII Situps.  Jog a lap around the parking lot.

Resume circle for 10 x Two Handed KB Swings, 10 x Goblet Shoulder Presses, 10 x Bent Over Rows, 10 x Overhead Triceps Presses, 20 x Merkins, and 10 x Two Handed Handle Curls.  Complete three rounds then walk the bus circle while weighted and alternating Suitcase and Waiter carries.

Circle up again for 10 x Goblet Squats, 10 x Crab Pots (Lawnmowers, and per arm), 10 x Upright Rows, 10 x Backhand Triceps Presses (per arm), 20 x Wide Grip Merkins, and 10 x Two Handed Cup Curls.  Complete three rounds then walk the bus circle weighted and alternating Waiter and Rack carries.

Circle on the grass for 10 x Overhead Lunges (per leg), 10 x Figure 8s, 10 x Kneeling Cleans, 10 x KB Merkins, and 10 x Standing Box Cutters.  Move to the curb for 20 x Pullovers, 20 x Skullsplitters, and 3 x Fast/Slow Curls (per arm).

COT with Earthworm taking us out.

Announcements – Charlottesville launch upcoming.

Moleskin – It seemed important to YHC to start Helicopters going 5 starting left first then 5 starting right.  As White Deer points out, there really is no difference.  It did not seem important to start Figure 8s around each leg.

YHC had a long list for his virgin Circus Maximus Q – did not get to some things. Next time.  Enjoyed it.



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