Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where did I park?


3 runners posted to attack the hills on a sweltering Wednesday afternoon.

THE Thang

3 large loops on hillcrest, dealers choice on directions


We all got started at different times.  Bleeder hit the road early and had already completed a lap when YHC arrive.  I started rolling at 530 with Bleeder.  After my first lap, Swirly joined in.  We each completed a full three laps logging in just over five miles for the afternoon.

It was a bit hot out there today.  I was the first to dive in and lose the shirt, starting out with my lilly white belly shining for all to see.  Swirly started that way as well.  Bleeder joined us after he did two laps.  Honestly, the only thing a shirt accomplishes in that weather is to weigh you down and get your shirt soaking wet.  Oh the humanity, the folks in Hillcrest association are trying to amend the bylaws to keep us out of there.  1/2 way through our lap Bleeder asked me when the last time I saw a dermatologist.   Apparently I have a few freckles, moles, etc on my back…Ill be fine.

Warning to all PAX.  Do not leave your car keys in obvious places with Bleeder around…


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