Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Barley Pops and Wrong Turns


Awesome turnout for our 2nd #HDHH Brewery Run!  We doubled our attendance from last time to 6 and even brought in an FNG.  Welcome Albatross!  Adding beer to a beatdown has got to help with EHing…

It felt like 95° and 100% humidity but the weather app still said 75 and Sunny.  The sunny part was unquestionably confirmed.  Starting out from O’Connor’s Brewing Co. the pax began at a blistering pace but were not the most efficient, adding an extra 3rd of a mile due to poor navigation on the way to SmartMouth.  Next was Bold Mariner and then Coelacanth and back to O’Connor’s.  All told, 4.5 miles.

Ms and 2.0s were waiting for us back at O’Connor’s and we headed to 80/20 Burger Bar for dinner. I think everyone really had a good time and it was great to get together out of the gloom and include the family as well.  Would love to see this be a monthly occurrence!

Priorities Out.



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  1. I’d love to say the run was awesome and I can’t wait for the next one, but the fact that I have a hard time walking today says otherwise! Everything else was a blast though and it was nice meeting the M’s. Big thanks to you Priorities for hanging back at the six with me so I didn’t get lost… probably was afraid I’d collapse along the way and you’d have to explain to Mrs Scully how you lost me enroute. Kudos to the rest of the Pax as well for delaying their cold refreshments and circling back for us upon reaching each destination. As for the next one, I might have to pull a Roberto Duran ( no mas).

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