Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potatoes at the EBDB BnB


A fearsome 18 posted for a glorious morning at the EBDB BnB (AKA NoToll). Here’s how the potato was passed.

Mosey past the playground and circle up in front of the gate.

COP: 20 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), 10 Hand Release Merkins (IC), 25 WW2SU (OYO)

Luggage Carousel (Viral): Mosey to the big parking lot and triple up. Partner #1 does sideways bear-crawls on the oval tree-planter curbs in the corner. Partner #2 sets up on the opposite corner and does declined sideways bear-crawls. Partner #3 sets running perimeter to tag next partner. Repeato 3X

Triple Check (Mr. Roper): Mosey to near field. Mericans, WW2SU, runner sets the pace. Repeato 3X

Love Field (McRib): Parner #1 sets pace, Partner #2 does: Polar Bear Crawls, Burpee Broadjumps, Lunges. Rinse, lather & repeat to other side of the field.

FAN-tastic Four (Hardywood): Four corners on half the near soccer field. Start with 10 Mericans in the first corner, then 10 Rosalitas, then 10 WW2SU, then 10 Ball Dippers. Then 20 on second lap, 30 on third. No time for a FAN-tastic fourth lap.

Mini-Jackpot (Flashdance): With just three minutes left, twice around the half soccer field and then 25 Mericans and 25 WW2SU waiting for the six

Mosey back to the flag.

COT: Numberama, Namarama, Wilson took us out


After listening to the F3RVA podcast a few weeks ago and being “lack of Hot Potato shamed” by Corporate, I thought it would be a nice idea to run point on a HP Q. Well, apparently someone at the home office wasn’t having it so YHC’s name was unceremoniously removed. Always super, Hardywood was ready to step in and signed up and planted the SF, but the early arrivers ahead of YHC were wondering why Viral had so grievously shirked his responsibilities?!?! His name was there a few days ago …  YHC blames Colonel Mustard with the Candlestick in the Library … or maybe it was Professor Pain with the iPhone in the Big Blue Truck …

It was great to see Flatline out again in his tie-dyed spanx. Apparently Flatline went straight into the dirty clothes bin this morning to get a second set of derision after his Saturday debut of them. No sign of them sweet 1995 Timerland hiking boots though.

The PAX was big and boisterous this morning at NoToll.  It was so big in fact that we barely had space on the spot YHC picked to circle up for the COP, made even more difficult by some LIFOs. Now that the Southside PAX has slipped the surly bonds of those highfalutin West Enders with their 50 Shades Darker Proper Form Lasagna Parties it’s good to see the PAX right back up to 18. #DRTF_Is_Real

In YHC’s brain, the Luggage Carousel was going to be a smash but the unfamiliarity with the concept seemed to get it off to a rocky start. It also didn’t help that YHC totally botched who he was supposed to teaming with and messed up EF Hutton and Flashdance’s teams. Please accept this Cobain to all effected.

As every HP seems to wind up being, every QIC brought their fastball and the running elements were involved in every activity this morning leaving everyone out of breath. Thank goodness Rosie was there to shorten (and thereby ruin) every single 10, 20 or even 55 count.  McRib SWAGs that we covered roughly 2.5 miles during the course of today’s workout.  Nice work to everyone! Marmaduke & Carmen San Diego you guys are killing it!! T-Claps!

Welcome to Doner Kebab’s FNG Big Friendly Giant (AKA BFG). BFG is so named because apparently his wife is on the diminutive side. There was talk about naming our FNG Eskimo Brother (NSFWish) because DK knew his wife in high school (but never dated her), but as a long-time fan of FX’s The LeagueYHC shot that down despite much grumpy mumblechatter. Regardless, well done on a very hard first post, BFG! YHC also apologizes for not asking if there were any FNGs at the start. Looking to see you back again soon … from what I can tell you will fit right in!


• Charlottesville starts this weekend.  See Lab Rat to either intervene with his BlackOps launch or help out.
• Craig Stadler has backed out of Wilson’s Charity Golf event and there might be an extra spot (or two). Please see ForeTheCause.org if you want to get in 18 for a great charity.
• Congrats to Loose Goose on his new gosling. Get in touch with YHC if you want to take them a meal or see their signup schedule here.
• Virgin Q week is June 26th. If you haven’t Qed before or haven’t Qed a specific AO, get to signing up and expand your Q Eskimo Brothers of the Gloom network!!


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  1. Great BB Viral and I’m thinking that it was “Snuggles” who probably removed your name. Way to work this morning fellas. Welcome BFG! Big ups to Carmen San Diego and Mr. Roper for awesome efforts this morning. Mumblechatter is fun. Be super.

  2. Well done this morning Viral, Mr. R, McRib (you’ll always be Kevin Bacon to me), Hardywood and Flashdance.

    Of course, in the shocker of the morning, Kevin Bacon McRib has a connection to the FNG. I challenge the PAX to bring a FNG out that we can’t connect to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees or less…can’t be done.

    We keep splitting NoToll, but you can’t keep NoToll down…first it was DaVille, then Spider Run, now HR, but NoToll is like a Mogwai, we give it some sunlight, a little food after midnight and a whole lot of water and it multiplies.

    Strong work today men!

  3. Twinsies at DaVille this morning, 18 strong with an FNG! (BB to be released when elementary school lets out)

  4. Döner Kebab on

    I’ll take credit for throwing out The BFG as a possible name, but Eskimo Brother is a stronger F3 name. Please reconsider.

  5. Loose Goose on

    Nicely done, Southside pax! In your honor we did hillbillies this today at Heartbreak Ridge. Eskimo brother would have been a great name, but I think BFG is a little friendlier to the FNG’s M…

  6. Viral and others, great job with the hot potato Q! I am spent. As in the past, I will argue & beg SAAB to re-re-name McRib back to Kevin Bacon. It soooo fits him! As it pertains to F3 names, the only two I see fitting to change in my time is Blue Balls & BT! Eskimo Brother would have been a GREAT back story even if the meaning of it was not true. I did not hear any denial when asked if he dated Doner Kabob’s wife!!!!! Oh well..FEBA!

  7. Great job today men! That was a fast paced hot potato and a lot of fun.

    Thanks for taking the lead today viral. Great idea on the hot potato q and great bb as always.

    Welcome BFG! I hope to see you out again soon.