Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breakin’ the law


18 PAX members showed up on a glorious morning to better themselves and hopefully not hurt themselves.  Here is how it went down…

Mosey to Circle of pain, but wait, no… it’s a detour to the Atlee wall first to do a Donkey Kick-Off. (This one is going up to the exicon).  5 Donkey kicks, on the fifth one hold feet on the wall for 5 seconds.  Then, up it to 10 donkey kicks and 10 second hold.  Then 15 and then 20.

Now to the COP…
Arm Circles
Mountain Climbers
Copperhead Squats
Heels to Heaven
Plank Jacks
ATM’s — 15 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 10 tempo merkins, 10 fast merkins

Mosey to the poles for what I thought were Pole Smokers. (More on that in the Moleskin)  All hold the pole and do 6 inches.  First PAX member does 10 WW2 situps and sprints down the line.  Repeato till all are done.

We are Family Run…
Run from Atlee to the corner of Atlee Station and Atlee service road stopping and doing 15 merkins and 15 jumps squats at every light post.  I think it was about 7 light posts, maybe 8?

Partner exercises…
15 partner leg throwdowns
15 partner merkins
15 jumpovers

Mosey to Bus Loop
One partner runs bus loop while the other holds isometric prayer hands and a leg lunge at the same time.  Only had time for one of these

Off to the flag for a quick round of Mary…
5 merkins each around the circle while all held plank.

YHC is hoping not to be fined by corporate for not having a Circle warmup at the very beginning of the workout.  Had to change things up a little.  The PAX enjoyed the Donkey Kick-off immensely except someone whose F3 name I can only tell you rhymes with StabBat.

This workout was supposed to be called “My F3 Workout — what is important to me”.  It was supposed to have a theme regarding the things that are important in YHC’s life like friends, family, faith and music.  YHC came up with that 6 months ago.  How lame that title sounds now, so YHC kept most of the workout intact and just changed the name.

— YHC was going to go to 25 donkey kicks, but Carpenter looked tired so we moved on.
— Pole smokers (or whatever what I did was called) take a long time with 18 people.
— Kudos to the 2.0’s for one armed merkins during the Mary!


Announcements — see labrat’s comments below



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  1. …but I can feel I’ll live a few years longer with better blood flow, pressure, cardio ability, peace of mind, metabolism, abs, breathing, muscle movement, quality of life, mental balance, etc.. guess it was worth it. thanks brother!

  2. Great job Opus! Looks like quite the beatdown! Love the donkey kickoff idea … brilliant!

  3. For the record HoneyDo and Opus, Donkey Kicks suck even more at the start of a beat down. Great workout Opus. Way to bring the much needed pain

  4. Corporate fines are massive and have to read out loud on the pod cast. Well done Opus.

  5. Announcements as promised:
    -Ashcreek 5K Saturday.
    -Send any and all male contacts you have in Charlottesville to F3Charlottesville@gmail.com
    -Green Acres on Thursday. Will be a “funday” workout, leave the gloves at home.
    -BRR slots are filling up. If you are thinking about it, right now is the time to pull the trigger. Get in touch with TYA.
    -It is “EH” season! Work on getting new guys out here!
    -If you have been around for a bit but havent Q’d, it is time to step up. Lab Rat will write back blasts for new guys if that’s what is keeping you from Q’ing (seriously). VQ week is June 26th.

  6. Great Q Opus! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on Friday!

    Welcome Hurricane! Great job with the name Lab Rat.