Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mothers day run


2 terrible husbands posted for a Sunday morning mothers day trail run

The Thang

Pump house over the nickle bridge to fire road next to the southside of the river.  Follow the fire road to flood wall and take that to 14th street.  Head back on north side along canal walk and make our way to canal street and follow it and Cary back to THE Boulevard.  THE Boulevard back to pump house parking lot.


Trails were wet this morning so we avoided them as much as possible.  3/4 of the run was on streets, the other part on fire roads/etc.  I have been wanting to get back to the flood wall, but had no idea how to get there.  Despite many attempts by Circle K to explain the simple direction to the flood wall, YHC needed Lab Rat to lead the way.  Despite Lab Rat’s assurances that he knew the way, I was convinced we were lost getting to the flood wall…I was wrong.

Parking lot was empty when we left. Since it was mothers day, YHC was assuming that most of the husbands out there we home taking care of M.  When we returned after the run, the parking lot was full. Not sure what that means, but we were definitely not alone.

With only two guys (but two stellar guys) in the PAX, not a ton of stories for the morning.  Thanks to LR for running with YHC.



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  1. Good work guys. Under different circumstances I would have happily been the 3rd PAX and thus adding to the terrible husband category. Can’t wait to get back to the trail run.

    Yes I remember attempting to find that floodwall to no avail.

  2. You were missed, Saab. TYA was way too nonchalant regarding my tantrum seeing the woman driving while looking at an iPad for my tastes. I could have thrown in that she was also wearing ear buds to get you fired up as well.

    I missed the trails…

    Good company made the pavement more tolerable though.