Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tie Dye Spanx and Steel-Toed Boots


18 pax came out for a soggy DogPile, where the weather was 70 and sunny, but you wouldn’t have known it with the variety of outfits that made an appearance this morning.  MARV’s weather app may have disagreed with the corporate weather forecast, but that’s what you get for ten bucks a month.  ShovelFlag’s got planted, jokes about the time got made, and away we went:


SSH, IW, DQ, arm circles, Hand release merkins, LBC


11’s in the amphitheater:  burpees at the bottom, WWII situps at the top.  Run the perimeter when complete.

Triple check on the Carillon:  Balls to the flower pot, Freddie Mercury’s, and run around the Carillon.  No snakes.

Goldberg’s Bar Work:  As per special request of Goldberg himself, partner up, 50 pullups as a team.

Beast Relay:  3 teams of 6, as a team perform a beast the length of the Carillon field (berm to berm, baby!).  Each team member does one leg.  Exercises were:  WWII situps, merkins, burpees, jump squats, 2-count mountain climbers, and LBC’s.


OK, so right off the bat, Kotters to Flatline!  Love you man, great to have you back.  But you are a regular, and you should know that if you show up in hiking boots OR tie dye tights, it will be noted.  Both at the same time, you get the back blast named after you.  Great to have you back out, baby.  Keep showing up!  Way to own your outfit.  That is twice TODAY that the Q, who regularly runs in flip flops, had to point to somebody else’s footwear and say “DAMN!”  Upchuck and his white socks and sandals got the nod as well.

Which brings us to the next topic of debate:  What should be “standard issue F3 gear” for regular pax members?  This would be items that you should have to make the posting lifestyle more manageable.  The Q’s thoughts this morning went to black shirts, a boot dryer, and bag balm (WD-40 for your balls, corporate sponsorship still available).  Q will leave the rest up to the pax….discuss.

Speaking of corporate sponsorship, pullups were brought to the pax by special request of Goldberg. The Q’s arms were still mighty sore from Phonics’ heavy use of Rusty Cage from Wednesday, and was planning on skipping it…..but who is Lab Rat to ignore requests?  This turned out to be quite the pax motivator, as we got to witness Cosmo and Helix show how to truly GUT OUT the last few.  They both left it all out on the bar, showing what a pullup should be.  Straight arms at the bottom, chin above the bar at the top.  RESPECT, gentlemen.

The balls to the flower pot (not the way Circle K demonstrated) turned out to be quite the arm burner.  Luckily, everybody heeded Swirly’s warnings regarding slick steps and the pax emerged without a scratch from the triple check.  The same cannot be said about the relay, however!  Some interesting form was witnessed in the transition between sprints and exercises.  First, Lab Rat’s slide into the first set turned out to be a horrible idea when he stood up afterwards wearing a thong.  Bleeder used the “sack of potatoes” method, just falling at each stop to bang out his LBC’s.  Angus had arms flailing on the way out, barely saving himself from performing a perfect albeit unintentional scorpion pose.  Just imagine chest on the ground, back bent over, with feet on the ground in front of face.  Or Circle K from when he pulled off said pose at the exact same place.  That field is friggin’ long!  Also, the guys that drew burpees in the relay performed 102 of them in the hour….Hardywood, Helix and Gumbo with his very white Frog Togg jacket….great job, fellas. (YHC really wanted to fit in the jacket, but couldnt find a better spot.)

With the exception of a couple dads that had to make a track meet, everybody showed up at ET’s afterwards to continue the good vibes and warm up over coffee, beet juice, and cough syrup flavored water.  At least six of us were camped out for the better part of the morning, wondering if this is what retirement is like.  Several references to Merino Wool were made, but Lab Rat missed the first iteration of that so only could laugh along with how many times it was mentioned.  A couple jokes regarding fellatio were made.  That’s more Lab Rat’s wheelhouse….he got those.

Gentlemen, thanks for throwing common sense out the window and following a motley fool around for an hour this morning.  There are very few things that the Q would rather do on a Saturday morning regardless the weather.

Apology of the week goes out to all you suckas that stayed in your bed this morning because your momma said you couldnt get wet.  You missed out.


Lab Rat apologizes.








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  1. Announcements:

    -Golf tourney Friday- any spots open, Wilson?
    -F3 Charlottesville kicks off May 20th. Want to road trip up there and Q a workout? See Lab Rat.
    -Ash Creek 5K 5/20. There will be an F3 presence and booth. Rumor has it 5K the hard way will be going down. If you are running, wear your F3 shirts!
    -Blue Ridge Relay slots are closing up quick. If you miss out, you will have to endure hearing about it over and over again for 6 months before you can sign up for the next one. See TYA.
    -Phonics has 18 irons in the fire, including new AO at Pole Green Park, Corn Hole Rock and Roll (potentially sponsored by Lally Construction?), and ReeseStrong 5K. See him.
    -VQ week kicks off June 26. ALL slots currently open.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    What a blast in the rain. That relay really worked well and man those BTFP on the Triple Check were no joke. Great Q Lab Rat!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB Labrat !
    The beast relay was no joke I see that returning to an AO near you soon!
    Well done today fella’
    Record time @ ET’s this morning – love it!
    See y’all in the gloom – and happy Mother’s Day to all the F3RVA M’s…

  4. White “farm to feet” socks. All the rage. See TYA for ordering details. But, keep your receipt in case you want to exchange them.

  5. Hell of a beatdown and good fun (and much pain) with the beast relay. Yes, poor color choice for rain gear today. Well done LabRat.

    Great time at ETs as always. Highlight of the week.

    Have a great weekend fellas and make the Moms feel loved and cherished!

  6. Lab Rat thanks for mentioning the tourney. Not sure if anyone has heard about it. lol If interested check out the website for open spots. I’m sure we will fit you in somewhere if you drop a 4some in.

    Many thanks.

  7. It killed me not being there today. More for the time at ET’s, but for sure I thought I was going to miss mud bowl ’17! I am proud to support my mother in law and all the women who have survived or going through breast cancer by running the Komen 5k with Trophy. We definitely discussed BRR training and what it’s going too take. We will be ready! Good job Lab Rat for pushing the PAX and I’m sure your being spoken about positively today by all! lol

    By the way – #runningsucks

  8. Damn, I feel like I just got Rick-rolled.

    PS, thanks for the props, all. Feedback is a gift, I hear.

  9. Missed you guys. Sitting at River Rat brewing (SC) as I speak (any relation?).

    I am down for cville LR. Filling out the paperwork now.

  10. Lots of fun today. This one really pushed limits. My hats off to Circle K for biking in.

    Sorry to miss ETs and beet juice. I should have doped with that stuff before Dogpile.

  11. A backblast hinting at MY outfit-Gentlemen, I am honored!!

    First, NO SPANX but UnderArmour Cool Wear Gear!! Second, THOSE boots hold up better in the mud and rain better than my Asics. PLUS, they dry easier and do not smell half as bad!! And, yes I will own any clothing I wear-LOUD AND PROUD BABY!!

    Lab Rat, great beatdown in the rain and beast relay was outstanding! What an awesome way to start our Saturday!! Cosmos and Helix-way to leave it all at the cage!!

    Coffee and breakfast at ET’s is always awesome.

    Gentlemen, I appreciate the workout, fellowship, and your effort!! I hope everyone’s M day was outstanding!

    See you at the gloom.