Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

OG – Big Yankee Buck Hunter


18 fearless assembled at Mary and embarked on the AO’s inaugural Old Glory.  EF grabbed the shovel flag and the PAX was on its way.


Head down Grove, right on Woodlawn, right on Cary, right on Westmoreland, right to MM tennis courts.  Quick disclaimer, timer set at 25 minutes.  PAX completes as many laps around tennis courts as possible, exercises at corners.

  • Merkins x 20
  • Jump Squats x 20
  • Burpees x 10
  • WWII sit-ups x 20
  • Repeato, repeato, repeato, repeato…..

Reverso run led by trophy winning PAX – tennis courts out to Westmoreland, left on Cary, left on Woodlawn, left on Grove, left on Westmoreland, left to grassy field next to parallel bars.

Mary IC – box cutters, LBCs, APDs

Mosey back

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


As confirmed by Swirly, Mary has never been the setting of an Old Glory.  OG is simple yet effective.  YHC remembered Flashdance’s mini OG VQ and how challenging the shorter distance between exercises proved to be.  For an additional bit of fun, YHC thought the PAX might be motivated by the opportunity to earn a reward by killing (passing) TYA.  YHC could lie and say it was spontaneous, but the selection of TYA as the big game of the day was premeditated after hearing last week’s Colonial 70 podcast.  The glowing yellow shirt worn by TYA further confirmed YHC’s selection and made TYA a fairly easy target like Cecil the Lion tied to a tree.  For much of the workout though, TYA was able to evade the stalking PAX. However, in the end Flipper, SAAB, and a few others bagged their trophy.  For the rest of the PAX no participation trophy, just gloom. Sorry, YHC is no millennial and doesn’t roll like that.  Great to meet a couple of the newer members of the PAX and to see a few guys YHC hasn’t seen in a while.  As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.


Lunch – Downtown (Wong or Pop’s) West End (Whole Foods)

Congrats to Loose Goose and M.Goose on their newest Gosling

Wednesday Hill Runs – never too early to start training for BRR – also need BRR runners and drivers

VQ Week – 6/26

Conspiracy is offering form consultations for all interested or uninterested PAX

RVA Makers event next Wednesday the 17th hosted by Loveseat.  He’ll show you how to build stuff and even provide his wood.

Look for preblast from Fudd regarding a build the bar party.


EF Hutton has spoken.


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  1. Well done EFH. Old Glory is always a killer but throw in the shorter distance (downtime) between exercises and the tennis court surface, and this one was especially painful. The Trophy Winners were laying down a strong pace…nice work fellas.

  2. Old Glory is always an SOB (good beatdown). Sorry to miss this am. Congrats Goose

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Old Glory always is tough.. Great job today guys…
    Congrats Loose Goose and welcome Baby Goose 🙂
    See y;all in the gloom..

  4. Bag Balm would have come in handy today…As I was enjoying my(hot) shower this morning I was jolted by a burning sensation – brought about by excessive chafing on my upper-ass due to the countless WWII’s on the tennis court.

    Enjoyed my first Old Glory (not really).

  5. I suspect we may hear more about this burning sensation on the podcast this week, assuming you’re back from special assignment.

  6. I have not been to a little baby glory since I did that at no toll and now I know why I have not brought back the LBG to painful hard to work!!!

    Thanks EF

  7. The Sout wins… I killed an Agressive Yankee…. Rebel Yell…. EF that was killer … no theme and a serious beatdown…. Welcome to the Gosling