Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Training time !


Four strong @ Wed Hill Run….

Wed Hill run has been alive all year. Through the winter months TYA and Swirly posted. Now it’s time to train for the BRR so those of you running need to come on out and join us for some hills…

Hillcrest Long and short loops – yep they hurt !

TYA had to get an early jump so he could get to his daughters track meet – love the dedication (both ways) TYA ! Bleeder started early as well and knocked out a cool 5 miles – well done Bleeder – great to see you attacking those hills again brother..

YHC started on time and not to long after – Honeydo joined in the mix. YHC and Honeydo finished up at the same time … It was a the first hot afternoon run which made us thankful for this cooler  weather we have been having  – that humid hot weather is coming and man if you think those hills are tough now – just wait ..

Great work guys way to push it – 2 workouts in a day is no joke!


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